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As an avid reader with an iPad, I enjoy works by indie authors. However, I want to emphasize to any writers reading this: please ensure your book is proofread. While some authors excel in this area, it's a serious concern for others. Misspellings, glaring grammatical issues, or poorly formed sentences make it challenging to immerse oneself in the prose. Regrettably, encountering such errors inevitably deters me from reading or purchasing more of the author's works.

Smashwords book reviews by Justa Reader

  • The Three Musketeers For All on March 03, 2014

    I love the "real" A. Dumas. So I thought this might be an interesting twist on The Three Musketeers. Sadly I was wrong. The premise is interesting having the gender roles switched. However it really hard to follow when the gender reference are reversed multiple times in A SINGLE SENTENCE. I've read more then 50% of this long story and don't think I'll finish it which is rare for me not to finish a book. but when you don't know what person is being referred to because he/she/her/him is used to refer to the same person....its just hard to read and confusing.
  • To Live your Dream on June 06, 2014

    Very enjoyable. Some pretty hot fiction,
  • Castle Queen on June 08, 2014

    This has turned out to be a pretty good series. This one has some unexpected twists. I agree with Steve, I don't like incest but they way the story/series is written its acceptable. I await the next one.
  • Pirates of the Storm: Stranded In Time Book 1 on June 22, 2014

    I really enjoyed this book. I wonder if I would do as well if I was put in a time centuries back. I would suggest this to anyone that likes a good historical adventure. I will be reading the next one in the series.
  • Porn Star on June 22, 2014

    this is kinda funny, kinda cheesy, and completely enjoyable.
  • Annalea, Princess of Nemusmar on June 22, 2014

    This is one of the best books I've read on smashwords. Its well written, good story line and very believable characters. If you like a really excellent yarn don't miss this one.
  • 121 Worst Things to Say During Sex on June 29, 2014

    I was curious about this book it has potential and sounded funny. I realize humor is subjective but what I was subjected to wasn't humor or funny. I would have been upset if I had to have paid for this book. Hayley, keep your day job.
  • Fuckin’ Soldiers - Part 1: Recruits Gone Wild (Lesbianism) on March 23, 2015

    This is a really hot story. love the Barbie Lez (except for the bestialty stuff)
  • The Headmaster's Office: Angela Gets Her First 'D' on March 29, 2015

    Love the characters, no panties Tuesday, shaving, etc. Mr. Gallows had fun fun. really Enjoyed story.
  • Note to Self: Anna’s First-Time Lesbian Fantasy on June 22, 2015
    (no rating)
    Belinda always tells a good tale about a nice piece of tail.
  • Note to Self: Anna’s First-Time Lesbian Fantasy on April 01, 2017

    Aside from the things mentioned I really enjoyed reading the Anna POV. Thanks Belinda for another hot story. Oh and I think Anna being married added an extra dimension to an unexpected turn events and feelings that Anna didnt know how to deal with. Maybe Susan was just looking for a friend maybe not. That being said I agree with @karmaskinner that a nice guy shouldnt be potentially abused and infidelity is wrong.
  • Death by Chocolate on Aug. 26, 2020

    Well written, believable characters, thoroughly enjoyed
  • The Sex Games - Round 1: Losing My Virginity on Oct. 03, 2020

    One of the things I love about Sexy Lexi is that it has a good story or at least a re-repurposed story. This one is based on The Hunger Games. Lexi has done a good job and an interesting twist of the original story. I enjoyed it very much. To Lexi: Thank you for making the entire first book fee. It gives me a very good idea of your characters development and how you write. Imho you just don't get that with 20% :-) Yes, I like Erotica but if it's not a good story, why waste time and money on it.
  • Gothic Nights on Oct. 23, 2020

    Very enjoyable and well written. It was a fun read. Make me want to read more of Arden's books. Well written erotica is a nice change. Thanks. Also thanks for making these free.
  • First Night on Nov. 01, 2020

    This is very enjoyable. I liked it a lot. Vampire blended Tony Stark / Clark Kent / Bruce Wayne with a PhD Lois Lane
  • Seoul Circuit on Dec. 20, 2020

    I don't understand why this book doesn't have any reviews. I found this to be well written with interesting and believable characters. I would recommend this to just about anyone. I really enjoyed this. Thanks to the author who obviously put a lot of work into this then released it for free.
  • Connie on Feb. 01, 2021

    This is a pretty hot writing. Very enjoyable.
  • Cat Patrol Delta, Episode #1: Earthfall on April 05, 2021

    It seems some people are a bit sensitive. Granted humor like art is very subjective. I'm a dog person. I had cats growing up but prefer dogs. Be that as it may, I found this pretty entertaining even if not laugh out loud funny. I will likely read more books by this author. These days humor is a good thing.
  • By Blade & Thunder on April 26, 2021

    This is quite the epic story. A post-apocalyptic tale of a most interesting woman and her life of self-discovery. The depth of this story is amazing. Honestly I found it hard to put down and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait read the next volume in this story.
  • By Wagon & SLR on Sep. 12, 2021

    When I first downloaded By Wagon and SLR I thought it might be some of travel / photography kind of story,. Boy was I wrong. I didn't quite like it and then found out that it was book 2. I downloaded By blade and thunder and was captivated by the story, the depth of the characters and settings and of a meek girl becoming so much more. By the time I got to the end of the first ebook, I wanted to read this one badly. This was the continuation of the story and the characters, the relationships both good, bad and strange, the twists and turns and stuff... I don't want to say too much here for future readers. However in my opinion this is post-apocalyptic / steam punk with an erotic twist, at it's best. Grant I hope you are able to monetize this massive effort but if not thank you for all the work you put into these ebooks. This is one of the most creative series I have read in a long time. Anyone reading review and considering reading this ebook, read By blade & Thunder first. I strongly recommend both of these, it is a interesting story. Caveat: These books are fairly violent and contain graphic sex.
  • Slave Girls Of Outer Space on Feb. 06, 2023

    This was very entertaining. I enjoyed it.
  • Escort in Training on Sep. 15, 2023

    Love this book! IMHO, this is true erotica. There are believable characters and an ACTUAL Story. While the sex in the book is good its not the hard core Barbie Lez kind of erotica. There is a place for both but imho I'd call this a nice Potato Vodka goes down smoothly and takes a few to get you there whereas the hard core stuff is more like a Mezcal - burns all the way down and get you blurry in a hurry.
  • How I Met an Alien Girl on Jan. 28, 2024

    I thought this was very enjoyable and fun. I think Mr. Palmer’s review says it well butt I am ambivalent about the cover. What is inside the cover matters more. :-)
  • The Knight of the Wild on Jan. 28, 2024

    Very enjoyable
  • Taken by the Chieftess on Jan. 28, 2024

    Good story even if the biological aspect of this is ludicrous.
  • Stolen Booty on Jan. 28, 2024

    I like it so far. Looking forward to next in the series.
  • Mr Tok on Jan. 28, 2024

    Imaginative steam punk. Well written and interesting characters. Fun read.
  • The Launching of the Huntress on May 13, 2024

    I've read the first 2 ebooks in this series. This is a pretty good yarn and while the characters are interesting have their own depth and quirks. From what I know of the period women were considered bad luck on ships and to have a wife and daughter on board I think maybe doubly so. There are interesting turns and ne'er do well characters and a few that may not be as bad as you think at first. Then there is the Captain / father / husband -- I'm not sure yet if his motives are good or underhande. Never can tell with those smarmy whalers.
  • The Privateer Brig on May 13, 2024

    see my review for book one. I think it will fit here too.
  • Life After Death on May 13, 2024

    This was enjoyably entertaining. I've known women like this even dragged along on a few "adventures" sadly none were as interesting as a visit to New Zealand.