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  • Redemption on Oct. 30, 2015

    “Redemption is a modern day Divine Comedy”- Eduardo Aduna for Readers' Favorite. Jacklyn Lo's Redemption follows the life-changing and surreal journey of a successful executive as she realizes that material gain simply isn't what life was meant to be all about. It is 2045 and Ann, a high-powered AI industry executive, is struggling to find the missing piece in her life. A series of vivid recollections from various times in history, an enchanting and mysterious stranger, and a psychic woman may hold the key to Ann's journey to find the truth. Melding different genres is a difficult task for any author. Each aspect must draw upon the others and come together to create a cohesive narrative that the reader can follow. Redemption manages to juggle science fiction, metaphysical, and romance aspects of the story while staying on course and showing how Ann's viewpoints and perspectives change with every event that she encounters. Ann's sojourns into history are well-researched and compelling, the details manage to portray to the reader how vividly Ann must be experiencing each historical age. Redemption is a modern day Divine Comedy, where each experience propels the character towards enlightenment, and one that incorporates various New Age themes to craft a story that not only entertains the reader but also manages to impart a different perspective to living and looking at life. Ann as a protagonist is easy to like and identify with, her struggles all too quickly become the reader's own. And as she finally realizes the truth, the reader also gets to enjoy the unexpected ending that Redemption offers.