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Smashwords book reviews by readingfanatic1

  • The First Dragoneer (2016 Modernized Format Edition) on Aug. 23, 2010

    Brendley Tuck and March Weston are best friends. More importantly, like all young men on the verge of becoming an adult, they are deciding what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Brendley does not think he has the options that March does and is envious that his friend can leave Prominence Valley, where they currently live. As best friends, they do not want to leave each other, they have been friends all their lives. The young men decide to do one last hunting trip together. This hunting trip will change their lives forever. While this Prequel-Novella is a very short read, it is also very good. In a short amount of pages, you learn plenty about the boys and the courage, and loyalty they have for each other. Like any good fantasy, it has action, fantastic creatures, and it made me want to read what happens next. The end of this short story is clearly the beginning of what I predict will be a very good book. All wrapped up in 48 pages! One note- I received this book as part of the author's promotion by going to smashwords. I used the code ZQ99Y.