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  • Illicit Magic (Book 1, Stella Mayweather Series) on April 03, 2012

    "Illicit Magic" was actually a pretty decent book. You get to learn all about Stella Mayweather, who lives in London, and isn't doing too well for herself. She does temp jobs, lives in a meager flat/apartment, and just tries to get on with her dull, boring life the best way she can. She's a witch who doesn't know she's a witch, until some evil men begin chasing her from her workplace one day, almost to her home. When she arrives home, she begins to notice many of the news channels on TV, talking about "The Brotherhood" burning women at makeshift stakes, just like Salem, MA back in the 1600's. Stella begins to wonder how she can do weird things and "zap" from one place to another without really trying, especially during extreme moments of crisis or when her emotions are up. Case in point; a lady comes to her home (after Stella has arrived safely), and tells Stella she needs to come with her. Stella doesn't know this chick from Adam OR Eve, but after her window is shattered from a Molotov Cocktail, she gets a clue and the lady "zaps" them both outta there! The lady, Etoille (eh-twall), which is such a pretty name, explains a few things to Stella about who she is, and why she is how she is. (Make sense? LOL) Once Etoille gets Stella and her few belongings on a plane headed for America, that's when the story/fun begins. I really enjoyed this book. The characters, relationships, and storyline were fleshed out nicely, and made for good reading. Even Stella's backstory is filled in, especially at the end. Btw, the ending really makes you want to pick up the next book, which I plan to do. I only wish there were more details about The Brotherhood, and why they have such a vendetta against the witches. Plus, I want to know where Stella fits in all of that. I guess I'll need to pick up the next book in the series to find out, eh? :-) Give "Illicit Magic" a shot. I would've given it 4.5 stars, if Smashwords allowed 1/2 stars. LOL
  • Siren Song on Oct. 16, 2012

    I LOVED this book! Duncan and Lexi were fantastic! I truly enjoyed the sexual tension in the book; it gripped me in the first chapter, and kept going, all throughout the book. Excellent storyline! Initially, I thought the book would have a more mythological, paranormal feel to it, since Duncan is a wolf, and Lexi (Alexandra) is a Siren. One usually doesn't find that type of a match-up in books, but the author made this one work. The book is set in a modern-day setting, similar to 50 Shades or Bared to You. And, like those books, Duncan is a millionaire businessman, set on getting the woman of his dreams, but is so afraid of letting his wolf hurt her. Lexi works at his magazine enterprise as a writer, and the immediate attraction they both feel for each other really gets to you. They initially meet in a bar, where her roommate and best friend owns it and works as a bartender. The story just kicks off from there: Lexi tries her damnedest to get Duncan, while he keeps saying "No, no, no," while his body is saying, "Yes, yes, yes." In this case, Lexi is the chaser, Duncan is the chasee. :-) The secondary characters also enhance the storyline, and play key parts in their relationship, and it really fills out the story. I had a blast reading this book. Again, the tension just grabbed me and didn't let go. My only nitpick is that there were a few spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors that could've been eliminated with one more pass-through from a proofreader. But even that couldn't take away from the fun of reading "Siren Song." Just ignore them and enjoy the ride; this book is definitely worth it! Loved it, loved it, LOVED it!!!
  • Stone Lover on Nov. 12, 2012

    Talk about a whirlwind romance! Wow...A.C. Warneke, you have a fan for LIFE!!! I LOVE your work! I really hope you have a 2nd and 3rd book for Rhys and Armand; I REALLY do. Melanie has always been a little "different" from her friends and family; her head stays in the clouds, and she believes in magic, when everyone else is like, "Yeah, sure, whatever." She rents an apartment in this nifty, castle-like building, where 3 gargoyles stand sentry over the roof of the building. Melanie can't seem to stay away from the gargoyles, especially one in particular. That gargoyle just happens to be Vaughn, who becomes as attracted to Melanie as she is to him. However, she doesn't realize Vaughn is the gargoyle she swoons over until later in the book. They meet in person at a club she frequents with her friends, and would you believe it? -- Melanie and Vaughn get busy right there in the bathroom! The attraction they both feel for each other is too difficult to resist. (Today class, we will learn about one night stands...LOL) That was the only part that I hesitated on. I understand the attraction, but geez...they couldn't go to a hotel room, or something? LOL Anyway, long story short, Melanie learns more about Vaughn, Rhys, and Armand, and how they actually become gargoyles by day and men by night. She also learns a few more things about them, as well as discovering there really is magic in the world, as well as other beings that are not human. Of course, some of those beings don't want her with Vaughn, and they do things to try and prevent their relationship from happening. But, love conquers all and prevails. This was a great book! The sacrifice Vaughn gives to Melanie was so sweet; there is some drama to that, however. I really don't want to give away what happens after that, because that is what kept me up past 1 am reading it on a weekday, waaaay past my bedtime. Suffice it to say that Melanie's "sacrifice" interesting! :-) The romance in this book is mouth-watering; it just makes me want a gargoyle for myself. I won't look at those stone statues the same way ever again! Please do a trilogy, and write Rhys and Armand's books! (Especially Armand; I would love to see that taciturn bloke get his comeuppance!)
  • Blight on March 18, 2013

    I won this e-book through a series of fun events from Bookie Nookie, a GREAT Goodreads member. (Thanks again, BN!) I honestly don't know how to describe this book; I don't know what to make of it. "Blight" was all over the place; yet, I couldn't stop reading it. I'm still shaking my head... Rebecca (better known as "Beck") is a Blight killer. Blights are similar to vampires, but not quite. Beck's the best at what she does, but she has some inner demons that she really needs to tackle before she completely loses her mind. Also, she's deathly afraid of becoming a "Blight-biter," one who has been bitten by a blight and turns into one of them. Because of that fear, she has trained herself into becoming a lean, mean, Blight-killing machine. No one can surpass her skill in that aspect. However... Beck has one "imaginary friend" in particular who comes to her at the weirdest times, and does things to her no imaginary friend should do. The friend hinders Beck's attempts at socializing with others, which causes her to believe she's not likable, not lovable, and cannot be around anyone for any long period of time. Even so, Beck still has people in her life who believe in her and want to be close to her, in spite of her shortcomings and misgivings. Her brother Michael tries to protect her because of the incidents that happened when they were both younger; Wilson, who also wants to be around her and wants to become intimate with Beck, but holds back for some reason that isn't quite explained in the book. It's frustrating to see so many chances get squandered away, but there is a grand scheme developing, and although Wilson and Beck are aware of it, they find it extremely difficult to stay away from each other. Childhood experiences have caused Beck to become who she is and why she is the WAY she is. Again, it's very hard to explain, but the tale itself is gripping. Beck isn't even sure WHAT she is, so I'm left trying to figure out will she ever discover her true destiny? What is this extra "power" she has that no one else has? Is that why she's the best Blight killer around? What is the deal with her "intimacy issues?" And what's up with her "imaginary friend?" Even the epilogue confused me. I'm still wondering what has Beck evolved into, if anything. God, I just can't figure this book out. I'm still shaking my head as I type this...when is the second book coming out? The author can't leave the ending like that, and not have something in the works!