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  • Vampires Rule on Aug. 09, 2011

    I downloaded Vampires Rule by K.C. Blake from Smashwords and I am glad that I did. I would like to thank the author for providing me with a free review copy. Vampires Rule was an interesting ride that I truly enjoyed. The history/myth building that served as the background for the story was a nice change from "normal" vampire and werewolf stories. With the addition of other realms with fairy beings, I was hooked from early in the story. I have always been a fan of Urban Fantasy and vampires, but the genre has become predictable and stale. Along comes K.C. Blake to give a fresh take and breath new life into the genre once again. Unfortunately, 'Vampires Rule' is not all roses for me. Although I enjoyed the story, I often felt that the supporting characters were plastic and a bit one-dimensional. Only Jack, and sometimes Silver, were given any realistic depth. I won't worry too much about this point though...there is a sequel on the way that should bring a little more depth for some of the other characters. Another gripe I have pertains to the editing and proof-reading. There are some simple typos that made it into the final version, but there is more than just typos. At one point, the character Silver is referred to as Starr. I think that may be a holdout from a previous version and was missed in editing. Then there is a continuity issue where Jack is in a fight on the first day of school, two weeks pass, then he is in a fight again and the principal mentions "this is your second day and your second fight". It seems that the author probably changed the story to allow time to pass before another altercation, but then just missed the principal's line in the editing. I know I harped on the negatives and only highlighted the positives, but that should not deter others from reading and enjoying the book. I like the concept and the plot, and I like the character potential that has been built into the story. I plan to read the next in the series as well. Story, Ideas and Plot 4.00 Execution, Editing and Character Development 3.5 Overall I give this a story 3.75.