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Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery seeks to assist other authors through Indie-Publishing and providing readers with exciting, quality, economically priced books in multi-ebook format and in print.

We include several genres including Traditional Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal, Speculative Fiction, Women's Fiction, Mainstrean Fiction, Young Adult, and Children's Books.

We now offer a 99 cent gallery filled with complete short stories and special mark-downs to help readers discover new authors and for those quick reading fixes we all enjoy.

Our work is especially designed for everyone who loves to kick back at the end of a hard day and escape from their problems and worries for a while with a great read.

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Smashwords book reviews by Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery

  • Hannah's Man on Oct. 18, 2009

    Hannah's Man by Rita Hestand Review by Rebecca J. Vickery This was the first book I've read by this talented author, but it won't be the last. I now intend to read her other stories about these Travers brothers and their adventures in finding and keeping their women. In Hannah's Man, following true cowboy style, Rusty Travers sees a woman in distress and reluctantly goes to her rescue. Hannah has secrets and one of them is that her ranch is mortgaged to the hilt. In order to save her home, she has to rely on this cowboy she doesn't know and has no reason to trust. A great play on the cowboy coming to the rescue theme by Ms. Hestand. Then Rusty and Hannah begin to find a lot of traits they like and respect in each other. But that's only after some very entertaining interaction. Ms. Hestand balances the conflict and the attraction expertly and has you turning pages to see what could possibly happen next. And just when you think the problems are all wrapped up and this couple is on the way to riding off into the sunset, there's a surprise call for Rusty from home that might change everything. This story was extremely entertaining and provided a welcome escape after a hard day. I loved it and would highly recommend it. I gave this book 5 stars and will save it to read again. I am definitely looking forward to Ms. Hestand's other works. Review by Rebecca J. Vickery (This book was purchased and this review was neither requested nor paid for in any way. The opinion expressed is the reviewers who was not compensated in any manner.)
  • Chief Cook and Bottle Washer on Feb. 20, 2010

    She never imagined a big, busy cowboy like Deke Travers sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby, reading a story, and sounding as though he enjoyed every moment of it. "What? You don't think I had a Mama?" He slanted the baby a weird expression. "Well I did. And she was almost as pretty as yours." Emma's heart lurched again. What a strange and wonderful combination this man was. The kind of combination a woman could get her heart tangled up with. But, of course not hers. No, she wasn't here for a man. She wasn't looking for a husband. This is my favorite snippet from Author Rita Hestand’s romantic western, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, from her Travers Brothers Series. To me this little excerpt tells the story of this read. A tough cowboy like Deke Travers, with a marshmallow center, and a woman named Emma who does everything she can not to fall in love with him are definitely my kind of read. Ms. Hestand did an excellent job with making us feel Emma’s despair and desperation when she “bumped” into Deke and the emotions she felt throughout the story. Sammie Jo is a fun, heart-wrenching addition to the cast. Even the Travers Brothers' father became real to me and is an important part of the story. But Deke, the cowboy who melts over the child, Sammie Jo, captured my heart. A true Texas cowboy. Once again Ms. Hestand’s knowledge of Texas, ranching, and her understanding of family life and responsibilities comes shining through. Be sure to read this great Travers Brothers Series. (It doesn’t matter the order you read them as they are stand alone novels with interlinking characters and locations.) I gave this novel five stars for plot, characterizations, and just a darn good read. I am a big fan of Rita's style.
  • Lie on a Yardstick on March 21, 2010

    My Grands Loved it! I read Lie on a Yardstick to my grandchildren. They loved Julie, the main character, and sympathized with her starting a new school and worrying about making friends. The descriptions of her struggle of whether or not to like her new teacher held their interest. They liked finding out the secret behind the yardstick. The story also sparked some interesting questions. Take a minute and read this to (or with) your kids or grandkids. I know they will enjoy it as much as mine did.
  • Fated Destiny...Oh, Yeah? on July 07, 2010
    (no rating)
    Danger, manipulation, and tragic irony make this an exciting and breath-taking read. I give this short five stars and my only complaint is that it ended so quickly. A well-crafted quick read and my hat is off to Miss Mae!
  • See No Evil, My Pretty Lady on July 21, 2010

    In a style reminiscent of mystery greats such as Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Miss Mae spins a “whodunit” with flair and suspense, and actually makes room to include a bit of romance in the mix. This is a book to be savored with a good cup of tea or coffee and will keep you guessing until the very last pages. The plight of Dorcy, a sweet young woman newly arrived in London, is heightened when she is attacked by a man thought to be Jack the Ripper. The plot thickens when Dorcy’s employer is found murdered. The entrance of the estranged son of the victim, Gareth, completes a small group of characters who are possible suspects and also might be the White Chapel killer. The appearance of Inspector Sosby from Scotland Yard seems to complicate matters, rather than resolve them, as there is some doubt as to whether he is who he says. When all the suspects are thrown together in one location, the situation becomes tense and dire as accidents and pranks indicate the killer moves among them. And during all this, how could romance be blooming for one couple? I give this page-turning, romantic mystery a big five stars. Dialogue, in-depth characters, just the right amount of suspense, and multiple twists and turns kept me guessing the entire way through. But Miss Mae succeeded in bringing all questions to a satisfying conclusion and left me eager for her next book.
  • Nick's Baby on Aug. 06, 2010

    Nick's Baby was entertaining, very believable, and highly compelling as I turned each page. From Kelsey and Nick's first meeting I was hooked. With deep emotion and desperation flowing from Kelsey and Nick's sense of family and responsibility depicted in Ms. Hestand's unique style, I could not put this one down once I started it. I read it straight through. The passion was palpable between Nick and Kelsey and I applauded Nick's later handling of a delicate situation. Highly entertaining read and I gave it five stars.
  • WillY and the Spider on Oct. 25, 2011

    I just finished reading about Willy with my granddaughter. She said Willy was the best because his feathers are so soft. She really liked meeting Matilda and finding out her secret. She can't wait for me to read her this story again at bedtime tomorrow night. As a grandparent, I enjoy sharing the stories Ms. Hestand writes for children with my grands. They always have a message I can discuss with the children, but are also fun and the illustrations are eye-catching.
  • SIN: Origins, Consequences & Deliverance on Feb. 17, 2012

    The phrasing of the Biblical principles and the analogies made to real life definitely grabbed my attention. A short affirmation of the love of God based on scripture and how we should deal with the problems in our lives. Thank you, Laura, for sharing these wonderful words from your mother.