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Smashwords book reviews by Lauren

  • Scene Kidz (Collaboration) Book One on July 09, 2011
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    Where do I even begin. I read the whole thing, hoping it would get better. It doesn't. Severe need of editing and possibly the need for the author(s) to attend a basic English class. This is third grade stuff, spelling and grammar errors galore. And for the record, "to"and "too" have two different meanings. They're not just like that for shiggles Clique. Not click. Seriously? Stars in "damn" and I'm guessing"punk" but outright spell "fuck?" Along with the constant format changing. Pick one and stick with it. Absolutely asinine storyline. Little description. Very dull characters. Stated "Crazy, random etc." at beginning but dull as a sack of bricks. Actually, I take that back. That was an insult to the bricks. Makes scene kids look like a bunch of stereotypical airheads. In short, don't waste your time. Go on Amazon and download "We Are The Monsters." Fantastic read.
  • Forty Scrubs on July 18, 2011

    I loved it. Definitely a refreshing change from the pre-teen stories on here.
  • Reasons for Recovery on Sep. 05, 2011

    I agree with the first review. Fantastic storyline and characters, but the technical issues took away from that. I enjoyed reading both of your books and look forward to more. (: