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  • Got Ghosts? Real Stories of Paranormal Activity on Nov. 09, 2012
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    I read this book in the period of two days. It's a nice compilation of paranormal investigation inquiries from individuals who are suffering from a possible haunting in their homes. It's nice to read about families from all walks of life, belief, heritage, gender, etc. all concerned about strange happenings in their lives; regardless of their own personal beliefs. Since they were letters sent to the author, there were a few rough chapters to read through. A couple of incidents, like the story of "I'm Getting Too Old For This...," where I struggled to read through. I was unsure if the author had intended to keep the letters raw and in true format, of the editing was missed. It may help for readers to know that the author intended to keep the letters as true to their nature as possible; keeping the point that everyone who has reached out to their paranormal team was a family, no matter their background. Another area, which could possibly lead into a secondary book, was a follow up. The story, "“Don’t Forget To Lock The Door..." left me saddened by the last line in the letter. It also left me with the question, "I wonder what ended up happening with this family?" There were quite a few incidents where I was left questioning how the family turned out in the end. Was it a negative haunting/attachment? Were they ok? Did they move? I'd love to find out what happens in book two.. .hint hint.
  • By Your Side on April 27, 2013

    Overall View: I am writing this review under the influence. . . NyQuil, lots of fluids, lack of sleep, and body aches. But it was such a effin phenomenal book, I could not wait any longer to post the review, Bubonic plague or no plague. So what I am trying to say is: READ THIS BOOK!! It is one of best paranormal, psychic, ghost related supernatural books written. It surpasses books produced by a couple of the more "well known" ghost hunters out there. I cannot say enough about this book. Well written, well woven, spooky and haunting. Everything about this book is wonderful. The writing style and the fact that it is so well thought out. You will love this book! So buy it, now! It will be money well spent. I for one am happy I have a paperback for my shelves to show people. My Review / Thoughts: I think I have found my new favorite book. This has to be the best book I have read so far since the beginning of 2013. You know it's a friggen wonderful book when you're so into it you read it through being sick with the flu, dosed up on NyQuil and STILL trying to finish it. That's exactly where I was this week. Sick and Addicted to Phil Giunta's, "By Your Side." There are so many reasons to love this book, but this sentence is what sealed the deal for me: "It's generally easier to save someone from being victimized by others than it is to save them from themselves." Why I love this book: Psychic Medium: Miranda, the main character, is a psychic medium. The first chapter clenched my soul in a way no other book has so far. The author wrote her psychic experiences in so much depth, I could have sworn he was writing about me. I am a psychic medium. I related so much to the main character with here drive to help the spirits and help others, all the way to the manner in which she had her visions. When I can 'step into' the role of the characters in a book I am reading, FROM THE FIRST CHAPTER, I KNOW it's going to be a book I thoroughly enjoy. Paranormal Team: This team was so well written, I swear the author watched my previous team's conduct and interpersonal relationships prior to writing. He has the mannerisms, quick jabs, humor and "game face" really well orchestrated, I could see it all play out with memories of my own team. If I didn't know better, I would swear Mr. Giunta was apart of a paranormal team. The Hauntings and Plot Line The experiences, the hauntings, the tales were so well woven together, there were no questions left behind. Well Done Phil, well done! The tale takes us back to the 40s, to the 70s and to current day and times. He was able to marry and intermingle so many aspects of the victims and suspects, I was constantly trying to figure out who it was that was the ring leader.
  • Cause of Death on May 27, 2013

    My Review: I wanted something to read over the weekend. I have quite a few ARC copies to read and review, but I wanted something quick. This book features only 198 pages, so I figured what the heck… I could knock it out in two days. As soon as I picked it up, I could not put it down. I found myself driving my fiance’ crazy reading well into the wee hours of the morning (he’s forever bothered by the light from my ereader… too bad, a bookaholic has to get a fix every now and then.) Serial Killer… check. Detective Team… check. Well written and captivating, for the most part… check. I enjoyed the characters. I enjoyed the character development. I absolutely loved the investigation side of the novel. It was well researched and presented in an alluring way. CREEPY CREEPY Ingenious way of killing victims! I have read many serial killer books, and I have to say black widow spiders… Ew!!!! Very, very creatively creepy. It’s the main thing that kept me reading. I really wish I could have read more about the killer. Negatives: Too many subplots… not enough of the serial killer’s view point. I really feel the author could either cut out some of the subplots or expand on the killer’s viewpoint and make a longer novel. I found my self frustrated and skipping through pages when it came to the love triangles in the book; Annie & Jessie. Tom & Laine. Then to add in the weird gang related character development of a Noura, Tito and courts? Really took away from story itself. I would rather have read something along the view points of the killer. In example, at the end of the book we find out the killer had a journal he kept during his “experimentation process.” I WOULD LOVED TO HAVE SEEN “PAGES” of his book. The author was so quick to describe how and when the killer decided to start kidnapping Hispanic women. It was so brief. She really could have expanded this section and made the book a bit more suspenseful and entertaining. Overall Feeling: This was the perfect book to read on a rainy 3 day weekend. I am thankful a review copy was sent my way. I think it could be a bit more engaging with some reworking around the killer’s view point. I also think it needs less of the love triangle/personal conflicts of the characters; especially revolving around Tito/Noura.