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Books and writing have always been a passion of Jason Lord Case, but certainly not his only one. He is also a car enthusiast, a dabbler in carpentry and home repair, and was known to be a bit of a brawler; a man's man. He spent the early years of his life in Europe and North Africa, and upon returning to America, he has earned a Master’s Degree, supervised employees in the American Auto Industry, and acquired a Commercial Driver's License to see America as a long haul trucker. He is now a social worker in Michigan, where he also does most of his writing.

Red Petal Press is a Rochester, NY-based independent publisher specializing in Action/Adventure Fiction.

Smashwords Interview

You've written 5 books for the action adventure series The MacMaster Chronicles. Tell us a bit about the series.
There are a lot of assassin and murderer novels out there in the marketplace, so why did I write this action series? No one else seemed to be writing from the assassins' perspective. Yes a little bit antisocial, I know, but lots of fun to examine a character who essentially does evil things and still retains a moral center. Bad guys as protagonists; but I hope I have created a set of characters that readers can relate to and in fact celebrate.
What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
The characters have a universal appeal, even though they are not your average heroes. They speak to the little guy inside us all that occasionally wants to go out and punish the really evil ones.
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