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Avery Rowan
Latest book: The Cougar Next Door (A MILF Story). Published January 20, 2019.
Erik D. Astor
Latest book: Travels of a White Wife. Published November 9, 2018.
Michael King
Latest book: Swap. Published January 23, 2019.
Chris Cross
Latest book: Hollow Halloween. Published September 14, 2018.
J.A. Smith
Latest book: Kelly's Story. Published August 21, 2018.
Padma Bear
Latest book: A Cunning Plan. Published September 2, 2013.
Lilith Goode
Latest book: Cuckolding For Fun And Revenge. Published August 12, 2014. (4.00 from 1 review)
Chastity Foelds
Latest book: Crawl This Way. Published July 29, 2013.
Sylvia Redmond
Latest book: Buying Her Innocence. Published March 30, 2017.
John Lord
Latest book: Sharing Her - The Club. Published September 16, 2018.
Indigo Ryder
Latest book: First Time Cuckold. Published November 16, 2018.
J. Garcia
Latest book: J. Garcia Golden Collection. Published November 27, 2018.
H.W. Flamelle
Latest book: Ultimate Hotwife Fantasies Pack. Published January 10, 2017.
Isadora Rose
Latest book: The Dublin Star. Published December 6, 2018.
Nixie Fairfax
Latest book: Intrusion. Published December 21, 2018.
Arla Coopa
Latest book: Repeat: A Novelette. Pre-release—available May 28, 2019.
Mitchell Joyce
Latest book: A Master's Handbook. Published January 20, 2019.
Lizzy Eliot
Latest book: A Year of Cheating Dangerously. Published June 15, 2018.
Bridy McAvoy
Latest book: Julia's Zip. Published July 25, 2018.
JM Ross
Latest book: Transformed by Those Maleficent Mushrooms. Published December 29, 2018.
Kay Nyne
Latest book: Taken By The Troop. Published October 26, 2018.
Anissa Palleson
Latest book: Sharing a Tent. Published November 6, 2018.
D. Spencer
Latest book: The Failed Heist. Published June 5, 2018.
Andrea Martin
Latest book: Indulgent Sin: A Slut Wives Collection Vol 3. Pre-release—available March 1, 2019.
Anna Mann
Latest book: Dirty Minds. Published January 15, 2019.
Nikki Orchid
Latest book: Paying off Daddy’s Debt 2. Published January 23, 2019.
Vittoria Lima
Latest book: Club 738 - A Model Slave. Published August 29, 2018.
Richard Carlisle
Latest book: Daughter of Eros. Published January 10, 2019.
Jamie Klaire
Latest book: Massaged And Shaved. Published December 8, 2016.
JJ Argus
Latest book: Lily & The Professor. Published January 18, 2019.
Jez Bestiality
Latest book: My Dog Made Me Submit To Him. Published January 12, 2019.
Will B. Gunn
Latest book: Seven Virgins. Published December 2, 2016.
Rachel Lace
Latest book: Breaking Family Rules. Published May 21, 2018.
Scarlet Smith
Latest book: Stepbrother: Hot and Heavy. Published February 19, 2017.
Betsi Ality
Latest book: Bred By The Big Bad Wolf : Mutts Breed Sluts 2. Published January 23, 2019.
Latest book: Wet 'n Wild. Published December 5, 2016. (5.00 from 1 review)
Tori Westwood
Latest book: Daddy’s First Timers 4-Pack - Books 9 - 12. Published January 23, 2019.
Sheela B
Latest book: The Hobbler 6: Belmont Park!. Published January 9, 2019.
Arnica Butler
Latest book: The Hotwife Summer. Published August 14, 2015.
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