Red A.

Smashwords book reviews by Red A.

  • Wife Swapping and Swinging on Dec. 03, 2017

    Fairly average.
  • Cool With Her (A Swinger Romance) on Dec. 03, 2017

    One of the best of the current Erotica writers
  • Double Teaming The Forest Ranger (Book 3 of "Wild Sex at the Religious Retreat") on Dec. 19, 2020

    Nicely written with enough time spent inside the heads of the main characters to get the emotions across unlike the typical dross that read like commentaries on a sporting event. Will be looking at other books from the same authors
  • My Friend's Hot Mom; Milf Porn on Dec. 25, 2020

    Laura Lovecraft writes some of the hottest MILF stories around and this is one of her best. Her writing captures the emotions of the participants excellently
  • Auntie Sin on Dec. 25, 2020

    MILF and age gap erotica are my favorite kinks and this author writes some of the hottest stories. This is one of her best and she manages to capture the moods, emotions, and thoughts of the hesitant young man and the vastly more experienced older woman beautifully as the navigate the events.