Hiya, I am a book blogger. I have an unhealthy obsession for books and am always reading. When not reading you can either find me with friends, with my boyfriend at one of his gigs (don't tell but sometimes I read at those too), hanging out with family, watching one of the few shows on tv I watch, or shopping...for books. I am a college student at a school with no bookstore (honestly don't know what I was thinking) where I am studying to become a school psychologist meaning I have 7 years plus of school. I love school, and am constantly participating in something on campus.

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  • Crimson Groves on Oct. 13, 2012
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    Honestly the beginning of this book was extremely difficult to get through. However, I am persistent so I do not give up easily. Thankfully the book picked up during the middle and really at the end. Crimson Groves starts off with the main character Abigail Tate trudging through life in a state of depression and hating life. She has broken up with her boyfriend after catching him with her best friend. Which if you don't know is sooo against the girlfriend code. While at work one night she gets a call from her long gone father and in the next moment finds herself face-to-face with Bronx. She immediately feels an instant attraction even though in the back of her mind she thinks something is wrong. "Why did I want to get back to him so badly? Desire and lust rushed my heart like a stampede. My mind wrestled in trying to make sense of these over-the-top feelings. Thoughts on how I didn’t know him zigzagged between wanting to know him and needing to feel close to him." When Bronx starts to walk her home she is surprised by when she ends up in a dark house, and then she's being bitten, and she knows she's dying. Then she wakes up, to see Bronx her capture smiling and telling her she is his forever. He keeps her hostage in his house, always watching her, while her hate grows and grows towards him. He starts teaching her how to be a vampire, how to fight, how to use compulsion which was one of my favorite scenes: "I felt a sly smile curve my lips. You know those stupid facial expressions that give you away when you’re up to something that can get you into trouble? I didn’t want to smile, but it happened anyway. I envisioned Celeste punching Bronx in the face. I nudged that thought inside her mind as if getting her attention with my hands. She grinned at me, turned to Bronx, and hit him square in the nose—hard enough to make him bleed, but that was all." Then one night Bronx decides to take her out to a vampire club where he attacks her. Then out of nowhere a boy named Tyler claiming to be her savior takes her away. A series of events takes place and unravels just how evil Bronx is. Abby doesn't know who to trust, who's out to get her and who isn't. When she starts to put the pieces together she realizes she's been a pawn in Bronx's game, and that she may have trusted the wrong person with her life, and her love. Not necessarily my favorite vampire book of all time, and for me it was a bit of a slow read. However, I am totally going to be reading the second book Crimson Flames. Favorite Quote: This is sooo true "I didn’t have to be a vampire to know she was being a bitch. That’s something a woman can sense easily from other women, whether human, vampire, or anything else. I don’t need any advanced senses to determine that."
  • Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2) on Dec. 08, 2012

    In the beginning pages of Shadow Slayer Roxie and her best friend are Ally are getting on the bus for their first day of high school. They are both extremely nervous and have no idea what to expect from the place they've dreamed about being in since they were little. While waiting on the bus they meet a new girl named Wanda. At school while Roxie sulks about having no classes with any of her friends Wanda invites her to try out for the school play. At first Roxie doesn't want anything to do with Wanda or the play but she soon changes her mind when the teacher forces her. Being in high school isn't at great as Roxie thought it would be. All of Roxie's friends seem to either have found new friends or is avoiding her like the plague. Then one day Roxie sees a 10! A ten on the hot factor of guys, a perfect and she's instantly caught in the beauty of his golden eyes. Lucky enough she gets cast as the girl who falls for him in the school play with the hottie playing the main role. Drew the ten seems just as drawn to Roxie as she is for him, but soon everything is going to become dangerous not only for Roxie's friends and family, but the world. For Planet Popular was only the beginning, and now the shadows want what they always have, a human life. Soon it'll be up to Roxie to decide the worlds fate when she finds she is the new Shadow Slayer. Overall, this book I feel is still for the younger crowd. There wasn't as much Roxie speak as there was in 13 on Halloween. Shadow Slayer is full of many twists and turns that will leave you guessing the worlds fate until the very end.
  • 13 on Halloween (Shadow Series #1) on Dec. 08, 2012

    All Roxie wants in life is to be Adrianne a peacock at her middle school who seems to have it all; the friends, the great family, no annoying brothers and Hayden the most popular boy in school's attention. Finally deciding to take her looming high school fate into her own hands she throws a birthday party inviting all the peacocks. Surprisingly enough the show up and reveal a world that is revealed to every person at age 13. However, this world must be kept a secret no matter the cost. After finding out about how to get to this new world called Planet Popular by astral projection Roxie will do anything to go back no matter the risks. It is her firm belief that no one will miss her, and with that she can finally have the one thing she wants most of all, to become a peacock instead of a dodo. So one day she goes back to Planet Popular and lives out her days as she always wanted. She's popular, she's beautiful, her family isn't controlling and she has Hayden. Everything is perfect, until the moment she has to go back home and save the ones she loves. Overall, 13 on Halloween was a decent book. I felt a tad old to be reading it but the story line was definitely interesting. Always leaving me guessing what was next. Roxie was a tad annoying to me for most of the book but she did have some good character growth throughout so that made her a tad more likeable at the end. I think I was probably just as annoying in middle school. Trying to find my place in school and wondering just where I would fit in. I think younger people would enjoy this book a lot for my middle school self related a lot. Favorite Quote: I loved this quote, absolutely loved it! "See, nothing is perfect. Not even peacocks. Or teenagers. Or getting to that place your think is totally golden. I can’t do anything about growing up. But I can do a lot about what I really want. And I guess I just want to be me. With weird lucky outfits. And dodo tendencies. I mean I can’t bring Mitch back from the dead, but I can turn into my own kind of peacock to honor him. And what I realize about being a peacock is that it isn’t everything. The only thing that matters is what feels right––my friends, even if I don’t have very many of them. And staying away from as many star-nosed-mole moments as possible."
  • Mystery Rises on Nov. 19, 2013

    I received a copy of Mystery Rises for an honest review. Shadow and all of his yumminess: Swoon Shadow is even sexier in Mystery Rises than he was in Mystery Falls. He’s more protective and a little possessive over Samantha than he was especially since his brother shows up. Man oh man would I just love to see those sexy boys in person. Anyway I digress. Sadly a lot of the book is without Shadow for a couple of reasons….well mainly one: Samantha’s dead family sucks butt. Back to Shadow he changes a lot in this novel and I loved it because since he’s so old you wouldn’t think he would be he is definitely a better character and boyfriend in this book. The Deep Sting of Betrayal: Someone betrays Samantha and Shadow and I know who it is. I was super excited that Marilyn and the story kept me on my feet until the betrayer was revealed and the epilogue where it give a hint as to what was going to happen next I was like “You (insert profanity here)!” I knew it I knew it I knew it. Sorry but when you read Mystery Rises which you should totally do by the way you will know what I am talking about because the person who sucks butt you will not like from the beginning and when it’s confirmed who it is let’s just say you’ll be a tad shocked at how far the person went to betray someone. Samantha: Samantha and her life are kind of in a rut while Shadow is gone. She lives day to day, week to week until Shadow comes home. I was worried it would get old reading about her waiting for Shadow to come home but Mystery Rises and Samantha definitely hold some surprises I did not expect when it came to her character. Samantha is definitely a stronger more confident no nonsense character in this book than she was in the first novel. A lot happens and I love how Samantha takes everything in stride. The Sexy Stuff: Let’s just say my complaint in the last book about lack of swoon worthy material is completely out the window in Mystery Rises. The swoon is so on and I love it. Lots of kissing and some other fun things I did not see coming. Yeah you know what I’m talking about. “Fun stuff!” *wink wink* After I Finished: Well when I finished Mystery Rises I was like “Where the heck is the next book?!?!” Seriously that ending was a total cliffhanger and I am so ready to dive off the edge of said cliff to find out what happens next. Marilyn definitely did a great job with this series and I cannot wait to read what comes next. Thank you Marilyn Phillips for sending me a copy of Mystery Rises and you know for everything else you do!