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Hi name is Reginald Martin. I am an eclectic educator, author, blogger, Life Coach, speaker and workshop leader, with a BA and double major in Psychology and Business Management sipping life's kool-aid cocktail with a twist of consciousness from a metaphysical perspective. I have a wealth of life experiences that I bring with me.

Through my life experiences I have learned a number of things about myself:

I am a game changer. I don’t follow the rules if they don’t fit my values; I make new ones for me and live life on my terms. If they don’t fit with the crowd then so be it!

I refuse to live a life imprisoned in someone else’s box and idea of me. “Someone else’s opinion of me is not my reality.”
Through the creator that is “The All” and is within me I am empowered to create my life as I so choose. I persevere until it is done because I know as long as I believe it can be done, it will be done. “All things are possible for those that believe.”

I have learned that the world outside of me is a reflection of what is within me and in order to change my world I must first change that which is in me. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I have learned that life is a gift and the only time I have on this earth is NOW! I live every moment to its fullest capacity! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, “all you have is now!”

Everything that happens in my life is for my greater good. Even those events that may on the surface be perceived as negative.
I live my life based on these six statements. They are so much a part of me that it was difficult to put them in the succinct way that I did. I don’t think about them on a daily basis because these ideas are who I am. Every single one of them was hard fought lesson.

Graduated from the school of hard knocks with a PhD

Except for lesson’s #1 and #2 most of my above lessons really started for me in the early 1990’s. Around this time I had been married for a few years and had started a family. I had quit a job before I was fired. My family and I was able to weather the storm financially because I had saved up a little nest egg by then. But, it was the first time that life deviated from the plan I had laid out and things from that point on, would never be the same.

Move forward to the year 2000 and I was newly divorced. By this time I had changed careers. My divorce took such a toll on me that I could not do my job effectively because of anxiety attacks and depression. I was cratering mentally. My heart would start palpitating in the middle of the day and I would lose energy. I could hardly move. It scared the shit out of me! I was about 38 years old and began to go through my mid-life crisis. I started to wonder, what was my life really about? I had been a good father and thought I was a good husband but now I was divorced. I wasn’t sure why.

I went to the doctor and she wanted to prescribe some anxiety pills for me. But deep down I knew that was not the way to go for me. I looked at the doctor and said to her, “doc no thanks, me and God is in control of my attitude.” That was a watershed moment for me, looking back on this incident in my life I now recognize that we are born knowing what is best for ourselves. I walked out of that office and decided that day that I was never going to let anything outside of me control my attitude again. I had let outside forces get the best of me because I had yet to understand the power that was within me. Intuitively in crucial junctures I operated in what is now my authentic way of being, which was choosing to see the positive. But other lessons were ahead that would teach and empower me. They were not easy lessons.

Again I quit my job before I was fired. In my way of thinking I was leaving on my terms not theirs. But, I also had a mentality that I could find a job anytime I wanted. I believed that all I had to do was get an interview and I would get hired. I didn't know it at the time but I was already practicing some deep metaphysical principles. I realized that I simply had to believe. It pretty much became truth. When I interviewed I got hired. The metaphysical idea of “what you put out is what you get back” is something I did because it was a part of my essence as a soul having a human experience. I didn't connect what I was doing until years later when I discovered the movie, The Secret and studied metaphysics.

Learning the power of faith as a manifestation tool

Move ahead a few more years. By this time I had saw the movie The Secret. I used the metaphysical principle of seeing myself doing what I wanted to do in my imagination to change careers and become a teacher. I started to act like a teacher. I would create scenarios in my my mind and feel what it was like to be in front of a classroom. The Secret was confirmation for me that the metaphysical principles worked! This is powerful manifesting technique I learned and practice. But my real lessons in metaphysics had not yet begun. Those didn't happen until about a year and half later. I did become a teacher! I now look back again and realize I was being guided to become who I am now.

I paid a heavy toll to become a teacher. I had to quit my previous job, again! This time I quit because there was no way I could complete the task of becoming a teacher while still working at that job. I completely sold out! I believed the universe would support me. I didn't know how I was going to be supported, I just had faith that I would be. It was during this time that I learned how to use faith as a tool to help me through this part of my life and manifest what I wanted. Growing up Christian the idea of faith had become very hollow for me. How could I trust that God would allow me to achieve what I prayed for when the rules seemed so arbitrary? But through study and practice I learned what faith was and how to use it from a metaphysical perspective. Again it is a powerful manifesting technique!

It is a simple framework once you understand the essence of what it takes to manifest things into your reality. It’s simple, but the work to do it is not always easy because of the many factors that make up a personality. Faith becomes a practical reason to look at the world from a positive perspective. The journey from the type of religion within my culture to being more spiritual is one of the unique aspects of my coaching experience. I learned that it was ok to not conform to what other people thought I should be. These tools and techniques are not theories or hocus pocus. It is what I did to change my life! It’s how I live. I don’t say that to brag. I say it to let you know that it is possible for anyone. It's possible for you.

Going from victim to creator, after being laid off, WTF!

I started teaching because I knew it was a stable profession and I could grow in it. I expected that I would be teaching for years because I was finally in a profession that wasn't just a job, it was what I was. I was a teacher and educator from the depth of my soul! But then came the layoffs! I was let go. This time through no fault of my own accept that I chose a district that was suffering financially and had to lay off a large portion of its teaching staff. For me it was last one hired first one fired. It made me start to question faith, God, the universe, the secret and all the metaphysical principles I thought I had learned! This was not something I wanted! How could this happen? That one question started me on a path of deep study of metaphysics.

I was unemployed for about a year and a half. I lost essentially everything I had, including my fiancee at the time! I was now living in a one room extended stay hotel. I lived week to week for a year and a half one unemployment check away from being homeless! I would stay in my room for days and only come out to walk about three miles a day or to go grocery shopping. The only possessions I had was an old rickety car that I had paid off and my clothes. I went through another bout of depression at this time but not as long. There was one day early into my layoff that I considered the idea of suicide. I was engaged to be married. When I crashed, she left. At least that's the way it felt to me at the time. I look back on it now a realize it was not that simple. As a man I had lost everything that society measured men by, for the SECOND time.

I always considered myself a good guy. Also a good man. I thought of myself as the ideal of what a man was SUPPOSED to be. I was a good father, husband and provider. Now I was alone and broke! So now what? It was the last vestige of holding on to an old way of thinking and being that was defined by other people and society. It took being stripped down to the essence of who I was to get it.To understand I was no longer a title, I had no fancy clothes or a house or cars. I was left with just me. Now I had to ask questions about who I really was and what really mattered to me about me. I figured out, it was none of the material things. It was not the labels that others had put on me I accepted because that's just how it was. I realized after some time that what matters most is just the sheer joy of being. That recognition is a deep metaphysical principle that is the impetus for any change you want to make in your life! Because of what I already knew metaphysically I quickly moved past the thought of suicide. What I didn't know then that I do now is, IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME. It was a huge lesson I learned in retrospect. One that helps me not fret over events that may be perceived as negative in the moment.

I got pissed when I was laid off! I wanted to figure out what I had did wrong because by this time I knew I was the creator of all that was happening in my life. I also had moved passed the religious ideals that God was punishing me in some way. I realized that ALL things happened for my grater good. But damn if all of this was not testing my faith in that idea! (lol) That was the huge lesson I learned! It took a number of applications of what I perceived as negative events at the time but realizing in retrospect where they led me or directed me. But, the layoff afforded me the opportunity to study metaphysics for 16 to 18 hours a day for a year and a half. I loved studying. I learned many new skills that I employ now! I recognized common ideas from different eras and different areas of society like science, religion and new age thought. They each have a distinct language that seem to be saying different things. But i recognized they were talking about the same ideas. Because of my gift to recognize these ideas conceptually I was able to synthesize many of them into frameworks that I teach to others. I get so excited when one of my clients uses my frameworks and ideas to manifest what they want in their life!

Out of one of the most difficult times in my life was borne the passion to share with people what I learned to change my life and circumstances. I could have easily given up and packed it in. I could have gotten bitter. I could have played the victim. But I didn't. I had bottomed out. I put into practice what I learned. I had to remake who I thought I was. By the end of the bottoming out process I didn't consider myself a victim because I knew I was the creator. I just had to figure things out. I did figure it out and coming through this ordeal set the foundation for developing skills and talents that helped me to become an author, speaker and coach. It helped me recognize that others needed what I uncovered. This was another powerful metaphysical principle that I recognize. When you have an inspiration for an idea it does not come without the other side that can benefit from your idea! These difficult times helped me realize that I could not be broken and that I could overcome anything after waking up for the day. One of my favorite sayings is; I woke up breathing, I can handle anything after that! It is absolutely a truth for me! From victim to creator!

Breaking from old religious traditions and beliefs

Through all of this I had to break from my old religious traditions and beliefs because they were not working in my life. People would tell me to just pray. But the way I was taught seemed to hold no power for me. It was a complete crap shoot. I didn't like that! The old traditions also contained conflict and contradictions that I couldn't reconcile. Those traditions were part of my journey. Breaking from them meant people would be upset and ridicule me. But I decided that I needed to do what was right for me, not what I needed to do to fit in.

I no longer have a belief system that someone else is going to save me or the world. It has got to start with the individual that recognizes their creator status.

What you will recognize about me is that I don’t follow anything. I don’t do convention just for the sake of belonging. I am not a contrarian. Nor am I a rebel. I am a creator that has created a life of magic, wonder and miracles every day. What I uncovered works! By being me I attract other creators that may need guidance in the steps to create their lives as they want. Life is a constant evolution and journey. I learned to live from the inside out. Those that live it from the inside out are the ones that enjoy the journey. To claim your creator status you must live from the inside out.

What does this mean for you?

If you have shared similar experiences like mine then know that I get it and I get you! Not from a book or a course, but from life!

If you have gone through job loss, bankruptcy, foreclosure, financial catastrophe, divorce, parenting kids and teen agers, depression, anxiety, anger, alienation, and heartbreak just to name a few of the experience that have given me a wealth of knowledge. I know that you can and will overcome if you believe you can, because you are the creator of your experience. I don’t say that flippantly because I started from a life and culture that was not always looked on favorably from outsiders. That culture also waits on a savior. It was part of my journey to recognize that what others thought of me did not matter. It was only what I thought of me that counted. I have to find my value for me. You will have to find value in yourself for you. I can help with that. Know that because you exist you are worthy to be.

Because of my journey and how I was able to overcome the difficulties in my life, I am in a unique position to aid those want to take their life to a new and empowered level. I can certainly help coaches that base their practice on understanding the “Law of attraction” and it’s multitude of aspects by breaking down the tools that you teach into simple to follow frameworks that allow your clients to make identifiable gains in their daily lives.

I have a gift for understanding the sometimes complex esoteric information of metaphysics, science, quantum physics and religious doctrine. I can then synthesize it and make it relevant to how you live and how you can use it to improve your life.

You will gain confidence in living authentically.

You will be more at peace in your life.

You wil be awakened and more in tune with you as a soul

You will live everyday with such powerful energy coercing through your body it will feel orgasmic

You will learn to live your purpose.

You will broaden your consciousness to be inclusive of all of you, that means the light and the shadow

I will encourage critical thinking and questioning of belief structures that put you in a box

You will gain deep metaphysical knowledge that will empower you to create the life you desire.

You will be able to move to the next level in your life with confidence in being authentic.

You have gifts that will benefit the world when you become you for you and share who you are just because it brings you joy.

I live what I teach. It works for me and the many clients I have shared these ideas with.

I would love to be of service to help you find your answers along your own unique journey without judging how you travel.

I will always encourage you to take the best and leave the rest. It is a personal choice!


Reginald Martin

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