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Reg Quist is the grandson of homesteading pioneers. From the soddy that was home to his grandparents, to the modern farms and ranches of the modern era, the Quist family have had an attachment to the land.

Quist was always an avid reader with the desire to write. The responsibilities of work, business and family had to take precedence but now, in retirement, the stories that lay dormant all those years are being put on paper.
Although Quist’s writing talents have lead into many genres it is the Western that has become primary.

While recognizing that there was a certain amount of confrontation and violence in a lawless West, it is the basic goodness of the pioneers, their brutally hard work, their sacrifice, the looking to the future, their spiritual soundness and their hopes for their children and their grandchildren that Quist tells about. Having witnessed these very attributes in his own family, and, as much as humanly possible, has lived them himself, Quist is able to bring his characters to life

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