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I'm a blue-collar guy who has a poet's sensibilities, minus the talent to adequately express them.

My writing career includes eight years in the newspaper business as a reporter, copy editor and managing editor and five years as a freelance copywriter. There was one major problem with all of that--I only got paid for writing things that somebody else wanted me to write. It got old.

Like a lot of people who majored in English, my resume is all over the board. On the plus side, I've gained some unusual experience and met a lot of interesting people. Somehow, while trying to make a living in the traditional sense, I've managed to do a lot of writing in my spare time--work I wanted to do, things I wanted to write, things I never got paid for.

Eventually, my spare-time creative writing began to pay off. I signed with an agent in Los Angeles and later one in New York, and I managed to option a screenplay, Big Sandy, to Hollwyood Producer Timothy Blake. Both agents signed me during writers strikes on the basis of a screenplay sample, and in each case when the strike was over I went to the bottom of the totem pole. Of course, that’s where I belonged in relation to writers who where actually making money.

Now that the independent publishing revolution is hitting full stride, I feel a growing sense of excitement and optimism. As I prepare my manuscripts for publication, I'm still dreaming about the day I'm finally proclaimed an overnight success.

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