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  • Sharing on Oct. 17, 2012

    The only negative thing I could say would be that it's disappointing that so many lesser writers have publishing deals and the aid of paid editors to help polish their stories. This story was different and compelling and layered. There is a level of psychological stuff going on below the surface story that I wanted to penetrate. The story doesn't try to hide that rules get broken, things don't fit and lots of it shouldn't make sense. If the world and the characters in this book makes sense or seem real to you, therapy might have some real value for you. If you can suspend your disbelief and live inside the imagination of whoever created this world for the length of the book you can be rewarded with a fantastic tale. It's not disgusting on a Pahlaniuk level but it's not for kids either. All the things buried deep in a person's subconscious, including violence and sex are represented somewhere in the story, but never does it dwell on any single thing long enough for it to derail the story.