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Smashwords book reviews by Ray Else

  • Falling in Love on Jan. 04, 2010

    The first in Lidmila's wonderful historic, artful, romantic Jazz saga.
  • Talking to the Moon on Jan. 04, 2010

    My favorite so far in this wonderfully romantic series, where we really get into the head and heart of Irene as she tries to understand her love of being in love, and being loved.
  • Strangers in the Night on Jan. 20, 2010

    Wonderful flights of fancy in this modern historical romance!
  • The Drowning of a Goldfish - Redux on Feb. 07, 2010

    Extraordinary, award winning novel originally written in French, now re-written by the author herself in English completely as she desired. A sophisticated, articulate love story -- that eventually evolved into a trilogy from which I got many enjoyable moments.
  • An Experience in Four Movements on March 05, 2010

    In researching this romatic period the narrator finds the people and times so engaging that she creates a personal relationship with characters long gone (a valued escape from her own dreary life, perhaps). You the reader are invited to do the same!
  • Cry Me a River on Sep. 21, 2010

    In this eternal saga of love at any price, we see the young protagonist, Irene, losing her grip on her own self esteem. The characters are complex and in their baffling decisions and repetition of bad choices, all too human.
  • A Case of Do or Die on Aug. 05, 2011

    An award winning writer, Lidmila Sovakova, has done it again with this wonderful, tricky romance, actually the third in the Drowning of a GoldFish series. You will feel the heroine's emotions, and her quirky, unique view of the world of romance.
  • Dancing in the Dark on Sep. 27, 2011

    Hold on to your hats as tempestuous Irene takes us one more time on her love-go-round. If only she realized that Egon has become her true love!
  • The Scarlet Maze on Jan. 22, 2013

    An excellent writer with a European flair, Lidmila writes intriguing love stories - she is not afraid of taboo subjects, or love affairs that in the end simply do not work.
  • The Eye of Medusa on Jan. 22, 2013

    Enjoyed this wrapup of the saga. Sophisticated, emotional writing.
  • Stairway to the Stars on Jan. 30, 2014

    In the wrap-up to this saga that I have had the pleasure to read over the years as soon as each book appeared, Irene appears headed for a tragic end, losing control to her lovers, suffering hallucinations, unsure if she is going insane. Suffice to say, an excellent wrapup to the story of a woman who loved too much!