Rena Kornreich Gelissen


On the first transport of women into Auschwitz, Rena survived 3 years and 41 days in the death camps. Despite all the horrors she saw, she was not embittered and her heart never hardened against humanity--she sought to love everyone. For her, Love was the only answer to the Holocaust.

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Block Ten Private Tour
We were allowed into Block Ten, which is not open to regular visitors to Auschwitz, so we could visit the place where Rena and her sister spent the first 4 months of their imprisonment in Auschwitz.

70th Anniversary of First Mass Transport of Jews to Auschwitz
We traveled through 4 countries in 2 days to retrace the journey of the First Transport of Women (also the First Registered Transport) to Auschwitz, on the 70th Anniversary of that momentous journey. This is our arrival at Camp on the eve of the anniversary.

A List of the Names of Women Who Survived
Compiled with the help of the USC Shoah Foundation, this list is a list of names of women who we know survived from the First Transport of Women to Auschwitz.

#1716 in Auschwitz Witnesses Murder
Not for the fainthearted. The first murder that Rena witnessed in Auschwitz occurs in Auschwitz I. She recounts this experience and tells how she wishes she could have testified at the Nuremberg Trials against this woman.


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