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Renee Pittman is listed among other notables on the world viewed site "Bigger Than Snowden." Her professional website and blog are a gold mine of information, with nearly 15 thousand views monthly focused on the covert use of psychophysical, psychological electronic frequency wave technology in full use today, as well as, the structure of an ongoing high-level nonconsensual human guinea pig program with combined technological harassment revealing corruption that makes other documented human experimentation historical programs look like child play. Her books, are not just detailed technical information but are an excellent resource for understanding the technology in use today, personal experiences, and the resulting beamed technological effects.

The Program is decades perfected and unleashed legally for testing, some would argue bogusly legalized, for continued research activity, post 9/11, on men, women, and children, individuals, groups, communities and large populations approved for DOD, DOJ, DHS, NSA, CIA, DARPA, contractors, military and local law enforcement personnel, et. al.

It is absolutely no wonder there is an ongoing effort to discredit, silence, and subjugate Pittman. And, these are tactics confirmed by thousands of victims worldwide through the use of covertly beamed electromagnetic Directed Energy Weapon attacks designed to shut down, activist, victims and whistleblower by any means necessary!


Florida State University Gunman Myron May Suicide Video
Three suicide youtube videos attorney Myron May made prior to the Florida State University tragedy during which time three were injured and Myron May was killed by police.

Barrie Trower, Retired Secret Agent Details Microwave Technology Mood Management and Worse!
The microwave technology biometric global social control program and how it is operating technologically today. Mood management can nudge a person into severe depression, suicide, sexual aggression, and much, much more or worse!!!

MK ULTRA the Official Mind Program
Brief video on MK ULTRA the government office program focused for years on mind control which began in the 50's and ended 20 years later 70s, which many reveal evolved into psychological electronic mind control technology today.

Author Renee Pittman Interview on Myron May's Contact and Loss of Hope
Shortly after the FSU tragedy, Author Renee Pittman, Kenneth Rhoades, Derrick Robinson were interview on the Pete Santilli Shortly after the young DA went postal at Florida State University November of 2014, trying to make sense of how, why and what happened.


Book VI Deceived Beyond Belief - The Awakening: Prologue
Price: Free! Words: 46,320. Language: English. Published: August 8, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » History » American
When we understand the sexual force and its focus, by those deeming themselves the "Handlers" of humanity, a connection evolves related to the explosion of Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, connecting the covert use of high tech, patented, sexual stimulation technology as part of a hideous plan. The Agenda... Keep humanity operating at the level of animals and in a primal state thereby controlled.
The Targeting of Myron May
Price: Free! Words: 69,850. Language: English. Published: August 9, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » True Crime » Assassinations & Conspiracies
A young, gifted Asst. District Attorney's tragic end, after revealing himself a victim of a high-level targeting program, enforced by advanced psycho-physical technology, reporting it covertly destroyed his life and career. He met his demise after opening fire at Florida State University's Strozier Library, just after midnight, November 20, 2014, injuring three and his quest for "Suicide by Cop."