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Smashwords book reviews by Renetta

  • Pandora's Key on July 24, 2012

    My actual rating of this book is 3.5 stars. It was fun to read a story about how Greek mythology plays a role in current time. I enjoyed the prologue which told the mythology version of Pandora's Box. Not exactly how I remember the story but it was an interesting version. The story is set in Portland, Oregon. I lived there for a few years so I liked the familiarity. The story is about an average teenage girl, Evangeline, who finds out she's anything but average. Her mother isn't well and she fears losing her and being on her own. While her mother is hospitalized she learns that almost everyone she knows has secrets they've been keeping from her. The secrets of Pandora's Box and how she's involved with the "cult" as she refers to it. There's another story going on that later entwines together in the story. A teenage boy, Malledy, is part of a secret group, known only to the rich and powerful, that searches out powerful talisman for their wealthy clients. The search becomes personal when he figures out that it can save him from the incurable disease he has, Huntington's disease. Evangeline has to quickly find the courage within her to learn about her family's history and protect herself and the people she loves. This being the first book in a trilogy, I will definitely read the next two books and follow this story to it's end.
  • Paramount on Sep. 24, 2012

    I am marking this book as read and loved!! By loved I really mean looOOOooooved! Childhood best friends Pax Burnson (tom boy, tough girl, granddaughter of the fire deva) and Amara Kalgren (deva descendant who was shopping more than practicing her magic)are both left heartbroken and wanting revenge. Revenge! Pax has been dating Amara's sucessful brother Thornton Kalgren while Amara has been dating Pax's not so successful Uncle Ashton Burnson. (I just love the names) Are you still with me? The book definitely has a soap opera feel to it. The girls come up with a brilliant plan to make the boys suffer the way they have. I love the relationships between the characters. I felt connected to all of them. I was cheering them on and getting mad and frustrated. It was a roller coaster of emotion. The way Pax and Amara talk remind me so much of how my best friend and I would talk if we were demi godessess seeking out revenge by means of ancient magic! Oh and we would if we could! With several twists and turns the girls learn of many secrets. Secrets from their boyfriends and from their families, they have a few of their own also. By practicing ancient magics they attract the attention of Suja, Queen of the Asura, who has been having marital problems for centuries with Sakra, Lord of the devas. Bitter and power hungry she's been up to no good. *note to author... I would love to hear their story too! Best friends, revenge, magic, battles, love, betrayal, secrets, seriously hot guys, humor, this has it all! It's soap opera, comic book and mythology all rolled into one.
  • Homeless on May 13, 2013

    This caught me off guard. Well written short stories usually do. Emily and Wiley have a beautiful and pure friendship. This was an endearing story.
  • Keepsakes on May 13, 2013
    (no rating)
    Love the ending! After reading this I definitely see that I have hoarding tendencies, but come on, as soon as you throw something away that you've had since childhood and never look at, you need it within a weeks time! Okay, that was half joke and all truth. I am happy to report that you can see all of my floors and the tops of my tables. I do understand the desire and the rationality, or irrationality rather, involved in hoarding. I could relate to what she was feeling. I do however have "the red room". It's the one room I've dedicated to toss things in and close the door. It is a small room but it would be nice to get to my sewing machine! I like to think of it as a big closet. Fun short read! Makes me want to go clean now.
  • The Raven's Unicorn on May 13, 2013

    Ha! I didn't see that coming! The ending was the impact of the story and what I want to talk about. It's the kind of story all you can say is, "Just hurry up and read it so we can talk about it!" Thank you for the read.
  • Renhala on April 29, 2014

    My head is spinning from everything in this book. I loved it all! Loved it! It's hard to write this review because I liked the book so much I just want to tell the whole story! I think I got it now... It starts with something terrible that happens to the protagonist, Kailey, and she lets out a scream heard round the world. Not only ours but also Renhala. Something is wakened and its not good, both realms are in danger. Our realm is called Abscondia and true to reality we are the realm with all of the technology. Renhala is the opposite of this. They fear technology and want no part of it. They rely more on magic, which obviously is way more cool! I love the authors imagination as they travel to new areas of the magical Renhala. They meet new creatures along the way and some join them on their journey. There's stinky, gooey, sweet Bu and Jenna the mischievous Woodsprite. Also, Cheeto a pregnant raccoon type animal, giant rabbits, moon cats and more! There is an interesting love triangle which is by no means the focus of this adventure but is fun to watch unfold. Neda and Velopa represent the balance of Renhala. I like when Neda talked about everyone's magic and their connection to the earth. She explains that our technology interferes with our ability to connect to everything around us and scrambles our intuition. Intended or not I found an underlying allegory in this story that I connected with. The story was so well put together considering how much was really going on. We got to know enough about the characters so I didn't lose track of who anyone was. Their personalities all shone through so I connected well with them. There was unexpected surprises, twists and turns and some fun banter between them that had me giggling. Lastly... where can I get an Everything Bag?! I seriously could use one of those!
  • Golden Dunes of Renhala on April 29, 2014

    Now that I've read the second book I can say that this is one of my favorite series! Kailey's skills are now for hire, which introduces us to some new characters and a plot with even more twists and turns. She has a lot on her plate as usual. She must deal with a great loss, an inner turmoil, more family secrets are revealed and let's not leave out the new developments with her ooh la la love triangle! Her new clients lead her to the main setting of the book, the Dunes of Renhala. Some are dark, sinister and selfish while others are kind and just want to do the right thing but watch out, all of them have their secrets. We also get to meet some more fun Renhala creatures, from cute and adorable Hoolies to the not so cute but please can I have one Grumblepigs. Kailey is cursed with Sudo-Abominor and keeping it under control isn't so easy. It's a terrible anger that's hiding inside of her and when it surfaces it frightens everyone around her. You can count on her ever loyal friends always stick by her sides, sweet and scary. One minute she's calm and collected and the next she's uncontrollable anger and rage. Hmm, I might have had a touch of the Sudo-Abominor curse in my past. The inner struggle of right from wrong, desire and rationality, emotion and logic. There was mention of a Jambleberry that interested me. It's very reminiscent of the spirit molecule DMT. That's an entirely different topic all together though. A great read that never has a dull page in it! Loved it and I will be as loyal to Kailey as her trusted companions still by her side, yep, I may have misled you slightly about all of them remaining her loyal sidekicks....
  • Vasu and the Matsya Temple on March 31, 2015

    I love a book that pulls me in right away. Adventure from the first page and what a fun adventure it was! Underwater worlds, amazing sea creatures, magic, characters with heart and of course danger, deceptions and evil forces are at work! I was almost to the end of this book and my 6 year old granddaughter needed my attention. I told her to sit down and I'd read to her. Needless to say I have now been requested to start at the beginning. It's the first book she's shown this much interest in. Thank you for that! I understand that this is based around some mythology that I am not completely familiar with but I will be before I read the next book!