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  • Stasis Leaked Complete: The Unofficial Behind the Scenes Guide to Red Dwarf on Sep. 26, 2012

    I've been reading Stasis Leak Complete by Jane Killick. I have to say I can definitely recommend this book to anyone that's either already a fan of the show or anyone discovering it for the first time thanks to Dave's repeats. I did start the book with a certain amount of trepidation because as a fan of the show since the early days, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the show and I braced myself for reading the same old stories about behind the scenes Red Dwarf. I couldn't have been more wrong! While some of the old familiar anecdotes are present, Killick does concentrate more on untold stories, and several times (especially during one revelation about Kryten in 'Backwards') I had to rush to my DVD collection to check out an episode I thought I knew back to front. Just about everything Red Dwarf related is mentioned in the book from all of the currently aired episodes to a write-up of the failed Red Dwarf USA pilot and promo, to the 'lost' episodes of Dwarf. The main section of the book is an episode guide and each episode includes a brief synopsis, Killick's description of what she considers the funniest part (arguably) as well as well as a detailed behind-the-scenes description. And this is where the book really shines. While other episode guide books have been more about things spotted during the episodes, Killick's experience working as a journalist for various sci-fi magazines including Starburst and the Red Dwarf Smegazine means she has spent time on set during filming. Killick also gives equal page space to every episode meaning that even the least popular episodes (such as Meltdown) are given as much dedication as the fan favourites. If I had one complaint about the book then it's the lack of photograph, but as an 'Unofficial Guide' then this is to be expected, and doesn't distract from the writing. All in all this is a great companion piece to Red Dwarf and fits in well alongside any DVD collection and certainly the most complete Red Dwarf guide on the market at the moment.