Ron Chamberlin


Age: 58 and counting… I was raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, by fine upstanding parents. I have worked at numerous occupations over the years and have owned several small businesses until I was forced into retirement.

Thankfully, I became a Christian 35 years ago while hitchhiking across Canada. A sweet young lady was kind enough to lead me to the Lord. Her Godly invitation was irresistible. I had never felt love so peaceful and divine so it was an easy choice.

Since then God has blessed me with a host of profound spiritual experiences. Most importantly, I recently received two clear God-given visions of New York City that I wish to share with God's saints herein. God clarified my viewpoint on several key issues by showing me these two visions. It is convincing reading! Set aside one day to read this study guide twice over. One day to read is better than one year to write!



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