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James Ruby; notable author of Tears of Remembrance, has chronicled his life story in a manner, in the pages of his book, through the lives of the characters within. Having had a life as tumultuous and uncertain as can be, his inspiration has flowed freely and resulted in the pages which ensue.
A number of noteworthy events in his life, some of which shook him to the very core and some which forced him to be as he is today; combined together to form the inspiration for his penning down the book.

As he grew up with his mother in a purely nomadic existence, flitting from state to state in search of work and enough financial income, he developed an understanding for independence and why it is important. This led to him attaining and continuing employed work from the age of 7.

The pages of the book which tell how the lead character’s wife dies while giving birth, which leads to his subsequently rejecting all consoling and encouragement and refusing to acknowledge the child, As far as notable moments and events in his life go, he has had quite a few. Chief among them has to be the moment when he met his now-wife; a moment that transformed his life forever, and for the better. His wife is the one who would go on to teach him what true love is, and how hearts can be joined together through a sheer spirit of companionship.

Jims vast experience has been sourced from a plethora of jobs and occupations, as well as interactions and positions he has been in, over the years. Being employed for 3 months on an Oklahoma farm, and for 5 years in the copper mines of Nevada, as well as for various stretches of times in several small towns around the state of Texas, taught him a considerable amount about human nature. California is the state that provided him with the sustenance to pursue life further. However, it was the meeting with his wife and the marital bliss that followed, which taught him the most.

In addition to the aforementioned jobs, he possesses credentials in the art of photography, which was both sold and displayed in Carmel, CA. This is just one aspect of his artistic talent, which extends into writing as well. In addition to that, he is also a licensed real-estate expert, dry-cleaning technician (from when the profession required a license for one to be active in it), and has even had a position in a religious organization (Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus), along with several business-oriented organizations.
In his early days, he wrote a number of literary articles for the companies he was working in. After having left the dry-cleaning technician’s profession, he went on to garner experience in property management and business. Then, when technology came to the fore and became a major presence in the property management field, he crafted a number of pamphlets describing the usage of a new tool which was prevalent in the industry at the time. This attracted the attention of the WMA, for whom he went on to work, writing articles, for a decade.
His personal interests include cooking and culinary exploration with his wife, boating and chainsaw carving, the last having been a prominent and lucrative artistic endeavor of his. Now, he considers writing as his ability to entertain.
Through his writing, he hopes that the reader will take away the message of overcoming any and all obstacles, and persevering even when the universe seems to be conspiring against them. He hopes that the reader will follow Dominique in his journey, and take the steadfastness of his character as an example of what lies beneath the various experiences that occur in a person’s lifetime; if only they are willing to endure and look to the brighter side of them.
Betrayals engender resentment, and resentment spawns addictions, which threaten to do further damage to the soul as well as the body, if the person is not strong enough. And if one is strong enough, and surrounded by those willing to help, such as the character’s son and the priest, God and the power of love itself bolster the person’s spirit, thus enabling the individual to surpass any obstacles they may be faced with.

James Ruby currently resides in Redding, CA, with his lovely wife Mary and their precious Snoodle. He wholeheartedly practices the lessons that he preaches in his books, and hopes that all those who absorb the words while turning the pages take away the message of love and inner-strength from it, to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Westward Ho! It is the first I remember mainly because hitchhiking around the country with my mother, didn't allow for a lot of excess things to pack. As I recall, it was my way of being someone else without having to actually leave wherever we were at at the time.
How do you approach cover design?
I related the story to a very talented artist, with some ideas of main features of the book. She did the rest.
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Twitter: @what2find


" Death by the Jaguar"
Jim Ruby talks about his new book, " Death by the Jaguar" inviting you to read the exciting adventure story of revenge in the California Delta.


Redemption on the Gulf
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 81,420. Language: English. Published: June 2, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Sea adventures
Whether you’ve read Ruby’s novel, ”Death by the Jaguar ”, or not, you will enjoy the sequel ”Redemption on the Gulf”,which takes you on another boating adventure, this time on the Gulf of Mexico, with many twists on forgiveness. FYI - It will be a lot more fun to read ”Jaguar” first, but not essential.
Death by the Jaguar
Price: $3.99 $2.03 USD. (49% off until Oct. 15!) Words: 89,380. Language: English. Published: August 15, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense
Wounded veteran, returning home, planned a new life with the woman he would marry. A barrage of mortar shells changed all that! Vickie brought him back from despair to begin a new life, have his Son, and enjoy life. His world is forever changed when his wife, and son are taken from him violently. Follow his grisly punishments designed only for those responsible and the final explosive ending
Tears of Remembrance
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 63,190. Language: English. Published: May 9, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Psychological thriller
Despite challenges of life towards Andre’s  future. When his wife, Desire, dies in childbirth, it leaves him with resentment towards the newborn son. Andre’s death leaves the boy, with little exposure to the vineyard business, making him vulnerable to a cunning woman, eventual marriage, resulting in love, hate, and addictions. His fight back reveals the possibility for redemption and forgiveness.

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