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  • Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones' Understanding of the Atonement, and a Personal Appreciation on May 11, 2012
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    I bought this book and then converted it to a printed item via Lulu. The cost was £3.21 (to Smashwords) + £1.76 for printing (to Lulu) and £2.99 for shipping - a total of £7.96. The book printed out in 43 pages of small type so I need my glasses - I might have been able to change settings to avoid this. Just over half of the pages are taken up with brief quotations from Lloyd-Jones' published sermons, as evidence of the view that Christ died for all, to demonstrate that Lloyd-Jones held views similar to the author's Amyraldian ones. To give balance to the author's Brief Word about Bible Translations, it should be noted that (my late mother told me) the pew Bibles when Lloyd-Jones arrived were in the Revised Version. These were gradually retired in favour of the Authorised Version. And yes, he may not have agreed with everything about it, but he was thoroughly in support of it, as witnessed by his address in 1961: and, if I remember aright, his lack of support for the Revised Standard Version which many evangelicals were using. That doesn't mean he never used or quoted from it.