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  • Brook's Book on Dec. 05, 2018
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    After reading a few pages of Book's brook, I immediately gathered my thoughts and decided that this was the best book to pick up when I find myself in a time of boredom and passiveness. The wisdom and knowledge that is presented is by far the most intriguing to me. It is a collection of experiences as well as methodology that any human being can relate to and utilize in their walks of life. It is thrilling to go through each page and be indulged words that have meaning and how it provides satisfaction equally on each page that I browse. It is the critical thinking and the sociological imagination that I'm deeply in tuned with. I wanted to pick out the letter 'R' so I searched for Brook's "R" and come up with Brook’s Role Model: It is not a matter of whether or not you think you will be a role model; you already are a role model to those around you. Everything you say and don’t say and everything you do and don’t do is noticed by others who are influenced by you, just as you are influenced by them. Thank you Dr. Brook!