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  • Ringing the Bell: My Life in the Biz on July 15, 2011

    Great read. Get ready to become invested. Very few authors would be this honest. You will find yourself consistently cringing with embarrassment for him in a 'meet the parents' style. This book is probably best read by keeping track of every single time you would have quit, instead of pushing forward as the writer did. I personally lost count, but I know the first time I would have quit was early in the first chapter. I know this because that IS when I quit. I have interviewed for this 'company', and if you have a heartbeat and have looked for a job in the past 10 years, then you probably have too. This was the first and only time I have heard about what happens to those that stay... and stay... and stay. As it turns out, it becomes an uphill, always striving for the next sale, step, position, recruit, leader, battle that mainly takes place in the trenches, which are the colorfully described streets of cities across the country. The author will take you through the actual experiences of being part of this seemingly promising, fortuitous place, where with a can-do attitude and fearless entrepreneurship, you can skip the rat race your parents went through and friends are going through, and jump right to being the brilliant millionaire business owner you were always meant to be. No matter how low, and it gets pretty low, or painful, or unbearable, or impossible, or outright outrageous it gets, he keeps going. With his perfect and kaleidoscopic descriptions you will work through the field to becoming a business owner with him. You will be as disappointed and as disheartened as he was. You will feel all his pain, develop his cynicism, and want him to get to the next promotion almost as much as he actually did. He opens himself up and connects with reader so well that you recognise statements dripping with sarcasm and feel you are in on his inside joke. The best part was instead of his final decision being based another unfeasible obstacle and the breaking of the camels back, it instead amassed from the same soul, conscience, and vigor that got him as farther than literally tens of thousands of others would ever have made it.