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I have been writing poems and songs well over 20 years. I wrote my first poem in the 8th grade because I was too shy to express my feelings verbally. Because of that experience, I have made poetry a vital part of communicating my thoughts, dreams, and ideas. I’m a God-fearing man who loves fitness and expressing my views on life through poetry. I’m a poet by heart and vision and a composer/songwriter by spirit.

The idea and desire to take my gifts and talents and share them with the world occurred on New Year’s Day 2009. I decided as a resolution I would give away everything I did not use the year prior. My intent was to donate it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. When I came across a box of poems, songs and movie scripts, I pondered for a moment what to do with all this paperwork. The box contained material dating all the way back to the 70s! Some works were finished, but most were incomplete. January and February of 2009 were dedicated to rewrites and putting the book together. During this period I wrote new poems as inspiration hit me. When the first draft of the book was completed, I decided to combine the music I had created years ago with the poetry. I could not have imagined that the flow and fit between the music and poetry would come to me so easily. The next part was to record my work in a professional manner and environment. Each acappella version was recorded in a music studio. The majority of the musical versions were recorded in my home studio, using Logic Pro. This process took place up until the release of the book. 

I grew up in New Orleans, served my country in the U.S. Army and then I was blessed with the opportunity to protect world leaders and the President of the United State. I’m currently living in Virginia after retiring from the United States Secret Service. I spend my days with family, friends, church attending, working out, writing,writing, writing and producing music.

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