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Ria Fritz hates filling out bios because she hates talking about herself. She'd rather talk about her characters. She likes cats, coffee, science fiction, diverse characters, strong women, strong & flawed women, and characters with drinking/substance abuse/mental health problems.

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What's the story behind your latest book?
I wanted to write a wild west sort of science fiction story with a queer protagonist. And then a second queer protagonist (Laris) was born. And then the mystery element came into play. In the end, Rising From the Sand just came together on its own, for the most part! I originally envisioned a slightly more convoluted plot involving aliens, but then I ended up removing that element of it, and I'm glad I did - writing the sequel is going much more smoothly because of it.
How are you similar to your main character, and how are you different?
Wynette and I share a similar sarcastic, cranky edge, and we both struggle with mild mental health issues. That's about it. Wynette is certainly more cantankerous and reckless than I am. I have to wonder if I'm a little more similar to Kirin at times - someone who's more deliberately a lone wolf, and usually quiet about it, instead of just being annoyed at the world. But I'm definitely not very flirty, either.
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  • Children of Fate: A Shadeshifter Novel on Sep. 14, 2015

    I received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and WOW am I glad I took the time to read this! It lives up to its premise, and is an engaging, creative and clever read. The overarching plot is complex and unpredictable, with shifting loyalties and a long-term end goal keeping things interesting at all times. The diverse range of abilities in this universe allows for plenty of clever surprises. Think of this as a no-holds-barred, mature, dystopian sci-fi version of the last few Harry Potter books. The narrative never slips into being pretentious or using purple prose to dramatize; instead, the plot and the characters speak for themselves. The ending is a little weak, but at least is realistic and leaves the series open to future installments. If the lengthy exposition of the Introduction turned you off a bit, you're not alone in that, but have faith - by the middle of chapter 3 I was solidly hooked and couldn't hardly set this thing down to concentrate on work. The characters are also amazing and original without relying on fake quirks to distinguish themselves. Most of them are clever, conniving, and outright malicious at times, but that's part of what makes this book and its plot so amazing. The three sisters took a little too long to grow into truly distinct entities, but I think this is partly due to just how fast the pace of the plot is - there's not a ton of time for character development at first. Be patient, though, because the characters do develop in time, and it is well worth it. It also took me a while to navigate some of the name changes, but these are luckily few and far between. The only thing that kept this novel from reaching its full potential is its pacing, which often made it hard to appreciate the depth of the plot and characters. For example, action scenes sometimes went far too quickly, with little build-up or suspense. Sometimes that fast pacing also resulted in actions and motivations not being explained clearly, and a few times I found myself rereading a paragraph or two because I felt like I missed something. Certain scenes had the opposite problem, where there are large chunks of dialogue that help with character development, but slow the plot down too abruptly.Usually the graceful use of foreshadowing and plot twists helps mask these problems, though, and keeps the reader engaged. (Plus, a generally fast-paced novel is always going to be better than one that's too slow, so the pacing was still manageable for me, and it shouldn't be a deal-breaker for readers!) Overall, this is a recommended read for fans of sci-fi, fantasy and longer novels in general. I look forward to future installments and will be following this author closely, because I get the feeling that future releases will be just as innovative and engaging. Authors typically only get better over time, after all, so with some work on pacing and clarity, the next installment will almost certainly be earning a 5-star review.