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I believe in romance, silliness, infinite possibilities, gratitude, laughter, and happily ever after.

You’ll notice these things sprinkled throughout my writing, along with a dash or two of madness! Because life can get crazy sometimes, right? And you never know where it’s going to take you. Like when I decided to learn Spanish…

My family and friends said, “But you don’t know anyone who speaks Spanish. Who will you talk to?”
Of course, it was a valid question.
“I guess I’ll find someone,” I answered, confidently.
Why was I so gung ho on speaking Spanish? Good question. Sure, I loved Mexican food and Latin music. But was that reason enough? All I knew was a strong force was moving me to learn the language and I just went with it!

Fast-forward a few years to July 14, 2008. I was now fluent in Spanish and organizer of a meet-up at Starbucks for people who were passionate about the Spanish language. In walked a woman with wild brunette hair and a smile that could easily melt the cheese on my favorite grilled eggplant sandwich.
I hope she speaks Spanish, I thought.
She saw my bright red Spanish dictionary on the table and sat down next to me.
“Hola,” she said, with another big smile that injected more energy into my system than the caffeine in my grande mocha.

Fast-forward almost two years later to June 26, 2010. She and I are married.

Yes, I also believe in destiny. And I believe everything is connected.

My thoughts that day I met my wife in Starbucks: “Wow, she’s so passionate and full of life.”

Her thoughts that day she met me: “How odd, this guy has no hair on his legs. Does he shave them? Is he a swimmer? Is he gay?”

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