Richard Holmes


As well as being a writer, Richard is a medium and clairvoyant and also the producer of 5 meditation CD’s that have helped to change the lives of many people from all walks of life. Only 12 years ago he was still struggling with an alcohol problem that was threatening to take his life in a very negative direction from which there would have been no return. These days he uses the same principles that enabled him to turn his life around and applies them to his client’s individual needs. He helps people replace the old negative mindsets, that keep them rooted in the past, with new positive thoughts and attitudes that enable them to get what they dream about having and being in their lives. By drawing on his own life experience he helps people to grow and realize their true worth and potential; helping them to express themselves in ways that make them feel happy and fulfilled.

“People contact me when they are at a crossroads in their lives or when they feel they are stuck in a particular negative situation. It may also be because they are experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one or they may simply be in search of some guidance of a spiritual nature. Whatever the reason, I always aim to make people feel at ease so that they can enjoy the experience. I also help people to realize the gifts of clairvoyance, mediumship and healing that are present within themselves. This can be on a one-to-one or group basis and is achieved through guided meditation and other methods of inner work.”

Richard was born in London and now lives in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, UK

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