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  • The Garden Wall on May 21, 2012

    If you like fun, nonsensical (in a good way) sci-fi meanderings then you will love this novel. In particular, the university elements of the story are very funny and a little too close to reality for those of us who have worked in education! The lecture extracts are real highlights (I know that doesn't make the novel sound very 'fun' at all but it really is! honest!). If Douglas Adams wrote a novel about a crazy excursion from the University of Birmingham into space it would probably be something like this. Excellent read.
  • Four Infiltrations and a Wedding on June 05, 2012

    More sci-fi madness from Lichfield Dean. This short story is a nice, easy "quick read" and immediately pulls the reader in. The story itself is ridiculous, but that is very much meant in a complimentary way (if you have read Dean's "the Garden Wall", you will know exactly what I mean!). The protagonist (Brandenburg - I imagined him as being a little bit like Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf!) is infiltrating his people's sworn enemy's base and just happens to bump into their 'leader' (Fairy); without realising that Brandenburg is a spy, Fairy takes a real liking to him. The unlikely romance then farcically develops after a series of mishaps and coincidences keep bringing them together. The short story is very enjoyable and is a recommended read; however it does end a bit abruptly. Other than that it is an excellent sci-fi caper.