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This page features resources that relate to church ministries within the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists ® and beyond. Church Support Services provides resource and information support to Seventh-day Adventist pastors, members and churches within the Pacific Union Conference and beyond who are involved in nurture and outreach ministry. Services provided include content creation and publication via web, video and print media formats.

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Church Love: Where Hate Goes to Die
Price: Free! Words: 9,690. Language: English. Published: July 6, 2020 by CSS Church Support Services. Categories: Essay » Legal, Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Family relationships
Some churches have become political echo chambers where the lure of power has diminished their purpose of existence. This book challenges us to live in the middle of life's intersection to create safe spaces where love can sprout and grow. Author, Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, shares a three-faceted formula of scripture, science and story to place church love in its utter simplicity.
Revision Your Church
Price: Free! Words: 16,040. Language: English. Published: June 12, 2019 by CSS Church Support Services. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Christian Church / Growth
Growing a healthy church is not a “piece of cake” or an automatic exercise. One reason this is true is because there is no one “right” way to do ministry. In reality ministry is a moving target that requires continual adaptation and experimentation. In this book, Pastor Gary Ford shares some of the methods and ideas that have worked for him.
When Religion Fails, Try Love
Price: Free! Words: 9,540. Language: English. Published: February 6, 2019 by CSS Church Support Services. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Christian Church / Growth
In this book, Jennifer Jill Schwirzer examines the dynamics of interpersonal relationships at home and at church and provides us with practical advice on how they can be improved. Could it be that the reason our churches aren’t growing is because our “love skills” are lacking?
When Kindness Comes to Church
Price: Free! Words: 14,010. Language: English. Published: August 22, 2018 by CSS Church Support Services. Categories: Essay » Sociology
Life can get ugly in the streets, in the marketplace, and even in our homes. Without the oil of kindness and civility to keep relationships in tune, things can quickly get out of wack. People call each other names, racial slurs are exchanged, and before we know it everyone is at each other's throat. Unfortunately churches are not immune to bigotry and hate. How can this be changed?
Bad Enough to be Saved: Good Enough to be Lost
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 47,430. Language: English. Published: June 26, 2014 by CSS Church Support Services. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Devotional
In an age where many who claim to be followers of Jesus are known more for what they hate than what they love, being Christian comes with its own challenges and liabilities.

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