Rick Bajackson


In my past life, I was the CEO of a company that provided computer-based integrated electronic security systems to nuclear power plants, and other commercial and government high risk facilities. My experience with these projects has given me a unique point of view in my writing.

THE CASSANDRA CONSPIRACY, my first novel, is based on my experiences working with the Secret Service at the White House.

The photo shown here is yours truly firing a Uzi submachine gun at the Secret Service's James Rowley Training Center in Maryland.

I have three other novels in the concept mill. I expect that they will all be e-books and available on Kindle/Amazon. Feel free to visit my website at http://rickbajackson.wordpress.com/.

I am an avid shooter--both of guns and photographs. And my wife and I live north of Baltimore along with a German shepherd, three cats, and one horse.

Email me with your comments/criticisms/"likes" to ethrillerwriter@gmail.com.

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