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Smashwords book reviews by Amber Lewis

  • Dream Student on Jan. 29, 2014

    I really enjoyed reading the book “Dream Student” by J.J. DiBenedetto. It caught my attention right from the start of it and I wasn’t able to stop reading it. I have recommended this book to a few of my family and friends so far. I would like to read more of his stories since I have really liked him. Before I read this book I had never heard of this author but I was really impressed with his story. I can totally relate with Sara and the things that she said within the book. Most of the times I have dreams that I truly can’t remember. All of us dream at some point at night while we sleep. Some of us may not be able to always remember what we dreamed about. Sara who is the main character in the book has been trying to cope with her dreams which feel like nightmares to her. These dreams and voices that she is hearing are really frightening to her. I can really relate to some of the things that she is going through. She is also trying to succeed in college along with the other issues that she has been having. I would have to say that I would personally give the book five (5) stars easily. I can’t wait to read the other books of J.J. DiBenedetto that are in the series that he has written.
  • Dream Child on Feb. 10, 2014

    Dream Child is the third book in the Dream Series by J.J. DiBenedetto. I read a few of his other books in this series and I have seemed to really like this one the best out of all of them. He is a great author and uses a lot of wonderful words to describe different things in his books. In this book, Sara is working long hours as a resident at a Children’s Hospital. This is keeping her away from her husband Brian and daughter Lizzie for long hours at a time. Lizzie is almost four years old and is very bright for her age. Sometimes things seem like a challenge to Sara but she has stated that it is all worth it. Sara has always had bad dream and now they are starting to affect her daughter Lizzie. She wishes that she could keep these dreams from affecting her daughter the ways that they are. Both Brian and Sara are wondering how they are going to conquer these dreams that Lizzie is facing now. This book is definitely a must read for everyone. J.J. DiBenedetto is a wonderful author. I have liked his books so far that I would like to find more of the things that he has written. I will have to say that I give this book 5 (five) stars.