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  • Chef's Delight (Stories of Serendipity) on Feb. 15, 2013

    From the moment Connor sees Jessie, he is smitten. He finds her beauty alluring, but as his luck would have it, he approaches her at a bad time, making Jessie's first impression of him not a positive one (this comes to bite both of them in the ass later and it was entertaining). In fact, he approaches her after she had just been accosted at a local bar by her fist-happy ex-boyfriend and she was in a foul mood. Jessie is an entrepreneur raising goats for milk which she makes cheese from and maintaining a garden and orchard. She sells her fruit, vegetables, cheese, and herbs for profit using the minute sum to make a living and upkeep her ranch. She doesn't have the best track record with men and although she tries at first to keep things "professional" with Connor, she can't help notice how attractive he and his backside is. Connor is also a small business owner. Having moved to the small town of Serendipity to start a new life away from crazy (his ex-wife), he dumps his entire savings into a restaurant, however he is hitting obstacle after obstacle in his attempt to get it running. One obstacle leading him straight into the beauty who gave him the cold shoulder a day prior. I was rooting for these two to get together even though I knew it was inevitable. The chemistry was there, but also the hint of compatibility between the two. Conley does a great job of creating real people, showing their flaws and their strengths while still making them appealing to the reader. This was a short and sweet read with not only a great pair of H/h; a nice collection of supporting cast members in the form of Summer and Kathy, Jessie's girlfriends and Luke, Connor's brother; but also a ghost with a crush! The story flowed really well and as a new writer, Conley does a really good job with the pace of the novel; not writing too much where the reader might start skimming the pages and not leaving things out, fearful of bombarding the reader with inconsequential details. I look forward to more novels from Conley.