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Telecommunications Engineer, I love to read whatever falls in my hands as long as it is well written and its story is interesting.


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  • Underdogs on May 09, 2012

    I finished Underdogs today and I just can say it was great. Good characters, coherent (and moving) story and moments to remember. I really hope Geonn continues using these characters on stories as good as this one.
  • Riley Parra Season Two on May 09, 2012

    As always, Geonn Cannon surprised me with this book. Even knowing what was it going to be about, characters continue to surprise me with their acts and their reactions. What to have a good time with a supernatural novel with a sexy undertone? Riley Parra's your series.
  • Riley Parra Season Three on May 10, 2012

    If you liked reading seasons one and two, what are you waiting for to read season three? and if not... what are you waiting for to start reading season one? Season three continues with Riley's fight against Hell, answering some questions and rising new misteries.
  • Manhattan Moon on Oct. 25, 2012

    Too short. That was the feeling I had when I finished the book... after a couple of days reading nonstoping. It is quite easy to read, good rithm and narrative quality, so when you want to check the time you find it is 5 am and you wasn't able to stop reading until knowing what happens next. I have not read 'Second Chance' but I've found it isn't needed to understand what's going on in this book what is also really nice. The only problem I have with Manhattan Moon is that, now, I want to know what happens next to Shelby and Nyla.
  • Gemini on March 02, 2013

    Welcome to Squire's Isle. I hope you are ready to see the Island from Molly Page's eyes thrugh the years and get to understand her relationship with her sister April. In a typical Cannon's way, we see the story evolve throught the main character's eyes, knowing no more no less than what they know. In this piece we see this collection of April's live snapshops through Molly's eyes.. following Molly's own life all weaved in a very convincing way that made me read the book at every free moment I had. I highly recommend this one as a good introduction to Squire's Island and its inhabitants.
  • On the Air on March 23, 2013
    (no rating)
    I really like this book. I have read it many times and, after each reading, I've come to discover new details that make it even better than the time before. Geonn knows how to build rounded characters that have many levels and how to portrait their reactions to their problems as completely credible. I recommend this book to anyone that likes a good romance... or a good reflexion about today's society and its double standars for... well everything.