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For a whopping fifty cents a week, my first job, at the ripe old age of eight, was as a recording engineer. Each morning before school my father "hired" me to record a daily radio program titled "Our Changing World" featuring Earl Nightingale. This quick little three minute program aired each morning on our local radio station and gave inspiration and insight to manifesting the life one desires. Earl Nightingale was a very influential philosopher and motivational speaker who became very famous for his book and audio program titled:

“The Strangest Secret” and the concluding observation that we are what we think about the most. In other words ‘We are, and attract into our lives, what we think, say and believe about ourselves and our perceived reality.

While gallantly performing my complex duties of pushing the record button, I was unknowingly, but now, thankfully, introduced to the incredible power of the law of attraction. Having these seeds of wisdom repeatedly and firmly planted in my subconscious, I was blessed with the opportunity to develop an "I can do, be or get just about anything I wanted!” perception of life.

As a young boy this I considered as a Super Power! And for the most part, I really did believe I had super powers because they worked! If I really wanted something and honestly believed I could do, be, or get it, low and behold it would happen. This was amazing and I was very proud of my abilities. But as life moved on and I was socially re-programmed through commercial brainwashing, as well as hitting puberty and discovering girls, my super powers sort of faded away and I jumped onto the "life’s a bitch and then you die" way of thinking.

Through these experiences as well as many years as a student of Positive Psychology and the power of the Law of Attraction (LOA), I voluntarily helped many people throughout my life as a: teen crises adviser, a Certified NLP Practitioner, and a Certified Life Coach.
In 2010, I launched www.loaaffirmations.com, providing downloadable audio affirmations programs for positive self-development in the areas of: happiness, abundance & prosperity, success, weight loss and self-confidence. These programs are now distributed worldwide on websites such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and LearnOutLoud.com.
I also share my insight and knowledge at www.facebook.com/loaaffirmations. There one can join the “LOA family” of currently over two hundred thousand members.

As I began sharing my thoughts and insights, and what “works” for me on my facebook page, people started corresponding with me asking for advice or direction regarding their specific desired situations. I gladly shared my knowledge and advice, at first just one on one, but then I began publicly posting the question and my insight on the facebook page (names withheld) in order for others to incorporate my perceptions. Soon I was very busy sharing my knowledge and feeling very much like the Dear Abby of the law of attraction. It was during this time that I was encouraged and inspired to write “The Power of the “I Am” and the Law of Attraction.”

I am a lover of wisdom (aka a “Philosopher”) and a passionate student of life who is committed to inspiring and empowering millions of people to live their greatest lives as I study, embody and shares my knowledge and interpretation of inspired optimal living and co-creating a life we all deserve as God’s children. I have found that true joy and happiness is in serving and helping others.
We are, and attract into our lives, what we think, say and believe about ourselves and our perceived reality.

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The Power of I AM and the Law of Attraction
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By learning to use your own "I AM" Power in this easy-to-follow manner, with suggested writings, simple keys to magnify "The Law of Attraction" in your life and detailed explanations of esoteric meanings, you will become more powerful than you ever knew you could become.

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