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I am but one man. A child some might say. In any case, I like to write down thoughts in my head. I pay attention to, surprisingly, a lot. And I like to hear what other people have to say about what I think and about what they think. I hope to inspire. I hope to instill emotions – which ones are still to be determined. But through it all, I would like to truly enjoy that journey called…lunch. And in the process find out a bit about myself. And maybe even you. Cool.

But honestly, I’m passionate about the things I do and the people I spend time with. My passion is disc sports. I compete and teach and in the past year I’m traveled all over the USA and Canada and to Mexico and China. I have 5 World Records including 1 Guinness World Record and you can read all about my travels at I run a website dedicated to teaching others around the world how to play ultimate better (ultimate frisbee) and my website is I also love social media/internet marketing/new media/website design and everything which entails websites.

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Darren Domsky
Latest book: A Story About You. Published April 25, 2012. (4.90 from 20 reviews)

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  • A Story About You on May 22, 2012

    I can honestly say that Darren was the most memorable and unique prof I ever had. I'll never forget his stories, his fill in the blank quizzes, his impossible to read assigned books, his questions and his views. Our first day of class, he broke us up into groups and every class after, he made sure we met new people. He used to say that our "George or Elaine" could be in that class and if we didn't meet them, then it was his fault. Well, I'm happy to say that I met a great friend named Danielle in that class and we still keep in touch. We went for lobster last week and I told her about this story and promptly emailed her a link. When I read this story, it seemed to be like to many others I had read but as it went on, I started to get chills as I knew there was something different. I didn't know what but when I got to the end, I knew. I started crying because I felt so powerful and alive, like I had been awakened to the possibilities of this world. I've been seeing new things over the past few years in what I do but this story was like the last piece of the puzzle. I cannot thank Darren enough for the impact he's had on my life. I hope more people are able to read this story. I know I'll be sharing it with my friends.