RJ Smith is an American optioned screenwriter and published author of contemporary horror, suspense and action packed thrillers. Fans state reading his work is like watching a mind movie, the words leap from the page, tear through the pupils and explode in mental images. He's been noted in Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope Studios, The Page International Screenwriting Awards and the Sundance Table Read My Screenplay.

At 22 years old, he fell in love with novels, and soon devoured every book Stephen King wrote, though RJ was also heavily influenced by the great Elmore Leonard and Sidney Sheldon. But if you were to ask RJ who his teacher was, he’d look you in the eye and state King taught him everything he knows of the elements of style.

Interestingly, however, writing novels didn't come first for RJ.

He started out writing Hollywood screenplays, some of which can be found at www.rjsmith.net if you’re so inclined to read them. Destiny, his first film script, was based on his tough life growing up on the streets of New York. Hollywood made many final draft changes to the script, and it never went into production. RJ admits much was cut or re-written by the Chin Shakers in LA LA Land… though everyone still question their reasons as the original did well in meetings.

RJ tired of losing creative control of his stories and longed to write tales he controlled.

Departing Los Angeles, he returned to Florida and pounded out his debut novel, The Santa Claus Killer, in just under nine months. It met with raving reviews, and a few bad ones… but the book catapulted him into the literary field and brought in a literary agency.

Called a visual writer, many claim reading his work is like watching a mind movie… a nod to his skills of writing in pictures.

He is the author of The Santa Claus Killer, Cataclysm and the 2015 thriller, Mountain Monsters.

His novels are represented by JRK Literary Agency in New York, and screenplays by JS Integrity Management of Los Angeles.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Smashwords Interview

Who Killed Santa Claus? RJ Smith?
I'm not sure, but one thing is certain... he's a Cold blooded madman.
Let's talk a bit about your debut novel. So, how would you describe this book of yours, The Santa Claus Killer?
It’s a thrilling, horrific adventure ride of nightmarish proportions. I mean, seriously, though,The Santa Claus Killer plunges through multiple genres. It's 398 pages of fright displaying a manhunt by the NYPD Manhattan South Homicide Division and the FBI Serial Killer Task Force who are stalking the trail of a killer along dimly lit Manhattan streets.
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