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Smashwords book reviews by Richard Logan

  • Cat of Many Lives on Nov. 02, 2010

    "Cat of Many Lives" is fast-moving with twists and new ideas sprouting everywhere, and all with a sense of humor! Adventure and drama and strong characterization make this a Must Read. It begins with Cat vainly striving to escape yet another death, killikng some slimy bad guys as he goes along, and Shelby Vick cleverly works in a lot of the backstory with the action, so the story moves along smoothly and intriguingly. I like the way certain chapters are told from other points of view, as the action moves on and you become more involved with the characters. When Cat finally learns of his immortal enemy, the story begins to tighten up intensely. I can see how this book begs for a sequel!
  • Out of the Dark on Nov. 22, 2010

    "Extraordinary" is the word for this story. Out of the Dark is a clincher from the beginning when Shelby Vick skillfully hooks your attention and keeps it continuously! He draws a great word picture as the story zooms along, gets your interest in the characters, then pulls the most unusual explanation of werewolves I have ever run across. I'd like to see what happens to those wereteens as they go out into a strange new world. Richard