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  • The Tradition of Cheating at the Sport of Kings on April 18, 2012

    Glenn's passion and love for the horses and the sport of racing is evident throughout the book. It is a quick read that provides insight and exposure to the seedy side of racing. I agree that it took a HUGE amount of courage and morality to go public with this information. Especially, since it will not endear him to his less ethical peers. My suggestions in order to make the book easier for readers unfamiliar with the language of racing, such as myself, would be to include a glossary of "racing terms", a map showing the course locations, and a more in-depth description of the ailments and conditions of the horses. As a long-time horse woman who competes in dressage and has 6 horses, I understand the pressure of having to justify the enormous expense of keeping and campaigning horses. I get it. But ultimately the welfare of the animals and the people who work with them must come ahead of profits. Racing needs an organization like the FEI to oversee and enforce rules. If the public got behind this issue I am sure there would be changes. Congratulations to Glenn for a job well done!