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Biography – Dominick Faramond (Author of Tales from Ragamaw City – Saving Ranston Wiggit)

I want to share with you how I, Dominick Faramond, came to write this true but strange story of Ranston Wiggit. I too have been part of a strange story.
My father, Ingram Faramond, was a nature photographer. He traveled from one freelance worldwide assignment to another. When my father was 32 years old, while accompanying a group of mountain climbers, he fell into a crevice on Mt. Everest. The other climbers were unable to recover his body, and we all assumed he died of course, which in actuality he did. My mother was very sad, and she never remarried.
Thirty years later, when I was 40 years old, a group of Himalayan medicine men were able to recover my father’s frozen body from the crevice, and bring it down the mountain. As they made their way down the mountain, his body thawed. After climbing down the mountain for days with my father’s body, they camped on the side of the Niambus Holy River, a river long thought to have healing powers.
The Himalayan medicine men filled a bucket with water from the Niambus, and used it to clean my father’s body. Miraculously, the next morning when the medicine men awoke, my father was busy cooking them breakfast and making coffee.
At first, he had no idea that for 30 years he was frozen solid, lying at the bottom of a crevice in the Himalayan mountains.
The Himalayan medicine men rejoiced that my father was alive. Several weeks later, he returned to my mother in the United States. Strangely, my father was still 32 years old, but my mother had aged of course and was now 60 years old. This age difference did nothing to hurt their deep love for each other. True love is bigger than that. Today, they are together and as happy as they were before my father was frozen. My mother is now 82 years old and my father is 54.
During the years my father was frozen, I became a writer who successfully wrote nonfiction articles for numerous magazines and newspapers. After the return of my father, I found myself drawn to only one type of writing: researching and writing true accounts of strange stories that happened throughout the world.
After my father went on a second honeymoon with my mother, he went to work for me, going on assignments with me as a photographer.
A few years ago, because of my interest in strange but true stories, I attended Ranston Wiggit’s press conference in Ragamaw City, Michigan. His story had to be told!
I feel deeply honored that Ranston chose me to tell his story and I hope I have faithfully told his story in the novel, “Tales from Ragamaw City – Saving Ranston Wiggit.”


Tales from Ragamaw City - Saving Ranston Wiggit
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 56,060. Language: English. Published: December 21, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
The clock is ticking for Ranston Wiggit! His life is in great danger. A rescue attempt is Ranston's only hope in this quirky, whimsical fable. The residents of Ragamaw City, Michigan face their greatest challenge. Can they save Ranston Wiggit in time? It will take the efforts of all 1426 residents of Ragamaw City to embark on a rescue mission that becomes an adventure of a lifetime.

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