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  • Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble with Spells on Sep. 28, 2011

    I finished this book as quickly as I could! I loved every second of it from the moment Vance looked up to see Portia to the very sad ending. I was thrilled to see the magic had sustenance it wasn't hocus pocus, you could tell she did her research. The big story though is the love between Portia and Vance. From the beginning it is intense, and beautiful. I found myself LONGING to be sixteen again and to have my own bad boy tote me around on the back of his motorcycle. Lacey made me laugh, sigh, and cry throughout her novel. The pain Portia felt dripped off the pages. The longing Vance had for both Portia as well as staying on the side of good was memorizing. The characters were believable, and the plot extraordinary. The twists, especially those at the end were mind blowing and from the summaries of the next novels I have read they keep coming! Think Twilight but a hundred times better! I can't wait to read more!
  • Celestial Seduction on Sep. 28, 2011

    Aliens aren't really my bag ... baby. But when Jess told me she was going to be a published author I just had to read her short story! This book had everything us gals (and guys) look for in our romance. A somewhat nervous woman who opens up while engulfed in passion, a strong, sexy as all heck man err alien, and a whole lotta steamy s-e-x! Jess didn't disappoint here. Her imagery was insane! I could almost see his ... ahem ... bulge and couldn't help but want to read more! Yes, it was a short story but the reader could easily relate to the characters. Their feelings and insecurities made them likable, and their love was felt even if it was only a one night stand. Although, I still don't think I will go all ga ga over aliens any time in the near future, I did enjoy this novel! At the end of this short story I could see a long future ahead for our characters!
  • In Leah's Wake on Sep. 28, 2011

    In Leah's Wake is a coming of age book for the main character Leah. And shows how the acts of one person can damage the whole family. They look perfect on the outside but each family member deals with their own personal issues. The mother feels unfulfilled, and although she helps families work out their own problems she is to close to the situation to handle her own family. The father is stressed when he's at home, worrying about work, and stressed at work worrying about home. Zoe suspects an affair as well but is she right? Will she confront him about her worries or continue to focus on their daughter Leah instead of themselves? It seems to all start with Leah's new boyfriend Todd. Although this family had issues long before he came around, he is the catalyst that drives Leah forward. He's different from her parents, he expects nothing of Leah. At first she finds this liberating. She doesn't feel the pressure of having to succeed in soccer or school with Todd. Even Todd ends up being a source of Leah's aggravation, most of her time spent with him she wonders why she is, or is irritated by anything he does. Being a drug dealer, and user himself it isn't long before Leah is experimenting with smoking, drinking, weed, E, anything she can get her hands on really. Justine, the youngest daughter struggles to keep her family together. Ultimately she gets overseen and becomes invisible in her sisters shadow. In Leah's Wake is an interesting read and not one that I usually reach for but a good book nonetheless. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters were real, extremely real, in fact on how they interact with each other and how they display themselves to the world. This is a book for young girls, adults, people with children or even those who are considering children. The book appeals to a wide variety of people. A great read, you wont want to stop until you reach the conclusion!
  • Tales of Aradia The Last Witch Volume 1 on April 10, 2012

    Although leery of the free download I finished this novel quickly. I enjoyed it, the story line was good the characters were well thought out and full of emotion. To set the scene we head to Salem, a great place for any witch to be, and in Salem exists many groups of what the author calls 'Hiddens'. This includes vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, and fairies, possibly more but that's all I can recall at this point. Aradia is a teenager, and has extraordinary powers, she is also the last of her kind - a witch. Since the witches were killed hundreds of years before Aradia's time (she is transported in time with a spell by another witch as a baby) none of the other hiddens know what she is. Trouble seems to follow Aradia wherever she goes, and she is soon caught up in her own Nancy Drew affair, solving werewolf crimes and dealing with vampire would-be lovers, and all the while managing to hand in her home work on time. She has to deal with everything a normal teenage girl deals with: cute boys, fitting in, social acceptance (not only of humans but hiddens as well) and fights to keep true to herself throughout. This is a whodunit with a paranormal twist and although I found the whodunit part to be fairly obvious, and I thought it could have held a few more twists or turns I was generally pleased with how the story progressed and ended. There is a definite 'evil mastermind' behind the scenes and several more novels in the series to see just when he will make his move. Although a YA novel, I did enjoy it and have purchased the next available novels in the series, and would recommend that those interested in witches and paranormal download as well, why not it's free! I look forward to reading more from Miss. Jones.