Robin Bell

Smashwords book reviews by Robin Bell

  • Coral Sea Affair on Feb. 17, 2013

    A fun read that I enjoyed. Some reviewers had criticism of the English and sentence structure etc., I suggest you overlook this, relax and escape into the world of Ben Hood for a few hours.
  • Death on a Foggy Spring Portage on March 31, 2013

    This is a fun read with some nice twists and turns. Saying much more will spoil the plot. It is written in a light hearted and amusing manner.
  • Daddy's Poker Game on May 11, 2013
    (no rating)
    Badly written horrible story of misplaced trust. Actually a turn off.
  • The Maine Event on Oct. 24, 2013

    I enjoyed this story, I liked the way it gathered pace. As Jay Patterson said the tenses got a bit mixed up in places and that was a little distracting.
  • Early Birds on Aug. 31, 2014

    I agree with Jay Patterson that the plot and ideas are good and fresh and in that the mixing of past and present tenses is a major problem. I felt the whole book could do with fleshing out of both the characters and the plot.
  • Wilbert E. Hornbeck's Fantastic Adventure on Nov. 09, 2017

    . I agree with FlemSnopes gripes, I suggest you overlook them and enjoy a fun and entertaining story.
  • Madeline's Brooch - An Erotic Adventure on Nov. 09, 2017

    A rather novel idea and great fun to read.
  • The Pleasure Contracts-Contract #1: Temptation on Jan. 11, 2018

    An interesting idea for a story and then a series and a very titillating read. It starts off quite believable however some of the sex ,get well into the realms of fantasy towards the end. The character interactions are describe quite sensitively The main character.Rory, goes too rapidly from being a shy teenager to a domineering sex machine. It suffers from poor proof reading and at times confusing descriptions of the scenes. It does not make me wish to read more of the series.
  • Best On Board: A Mile-High Virgin Fantasy on Feb. 07, 2018

    An amusing, well written story of the geek getting the girl. When do we get to know what happened in the bar?
  • Erotica: A Strange Desire: 12 Erotic Short Stories on May 16, 2018

    Not well written, lots of proof reading errors and rather banal
  • Slipping In on June 06, 2018

    A well written fun story with an interesting sci-fi idea.
  • Slave of the Aristocracy: Book One – On the Auction Block on Aug. 29, 2018

    A story of abuse and degradation. It is well written story of an ugly world.
  • My Favorite . . . Martian? on Aug. 29, 2018

    A fun and imaginative piece which is well written.
  • Erotica Author Bares All on Nov. 28, 2018

    I do not think the standard of literary skills displayed in this is very good.
  • The Emperor's Edge on Nov. 28, 2018

    A thoroughly enjoyable book, well written and keeps moving with twists and turns to the plot .
  • Flash Gold on Jan. 14, 2019

    Well written and enjoyable .
  • Skin and Blond on Feb. 24, 2019

    Miss Chambers has produced a pair of interesting characters in Ivy Stern (the heroine) and Miles Pike, (the ex boyfriend, police man) both of whom come to life more and more as the book progresses. The story in intriguing with a fitting climax. A well crafted book.
  • The Specter on March 04, 2019

    An excellent short story, I fully agree with FlemSnopes review.
  • Baiting & Fishing on March 11, 2019

    A well written story though to my surprise I realised the esential parts of the ending, I don't know how. I found the development of the love affair too long , but that is a personal opinion.
  • The Jade Dragon: An Alexis Remington Mystery on March 14, 2019

    As Tony Parsons says, the grammar is good , however the characters are cardboard and the overall standard of the writing is not high.
  • Her Gift -- The Duchess on March 17, 2019

    Nicely crafted story, with a surprise.
  • The Fucking of Queen Amalia on March 18, 2019

    An amusing fairytale
  • Leopard Lady on March 24, 2019

    An enjoyable well written short story, it also illustrates the stigma that can be attached to some medical / genetic conditions.
  • Ties That Bind on March 30, 2019

    This is a well written story with a nice twist at the end.
  • The Art Class on March 30, 2019

    This is an enjoyable short story, M.L. Smith has portrayed a couple of sensitive characters and an unexpected ending.
  • The Two Magicians on April 07, 2019

    An enjoyable story , well written and an interesting plot.
  • Warming Stories Volume One on April 08, 2019

    Well written enjoyable stories with lots of variety, and a few unusual ideas.
  • Him and Her on April 15, 2019
    (no rating)
    Rather elementary writing, and a very basic plot.
  • A Little Knowledge on April 30, 2019

    Delightfully funny.
  • Fuzzy Magic on May 10, 2019

    A good read. Very amusing ,
  • Armed and Fabulous (Lexi Graves Mysteries, 1) on May 29, 2019

    A well written story which does not take itself too seriously and has some lighthearted moments.
  • Murder Row (A Private Detective Mystery Series of crime mystery novels Book 1 ) on June 03, 2019

    Bare bones writing that would benefit from better proof reading and fleshing out.
  • Candy and the Naughty French Maids on June 06, 2019

    A ridiculous amusing story that is fun to read
  • Never Say Spy on June 13, 2019

    Well written story that carries the reader along.
  • The Cheerleader on the Bus on July 03, 2019

    Not particularly thrilling or erotic
  • Aliah on July 05, 2019

    A very enjoyable retelling of an old story
  • Balanced on the Blade's Edge (Dragon Blood, Book 1) on July 17, 2019

    No spoilers, it is an excellent well written novel, read it.
  • Second Chances on July 20, 2019

    Well enough written but too much romance and not enough thriller/action for my taste.
  • Kinky Mom: The Substitute on Aug. 05, 2019

    An entertaining read, however it is badly in need of proof reading.
  • The Lost Island Adventure on Aug. 10, 2019

    This is a well written childrens story .
  • Karen’s Story - A Dream of Tentacles on Aug. 12, 2019

    I don't think this is particularly well written, it is an enjoyable read, though as Skye Aslan says anticlimactic.
  • Warming Stories Volume Two on Aug. 15, 2019

    Thia is an enjoyable collection of varied stories
  • The Secretary on Aug. 15, 2019
    (no rating)
    After reading this I have no desire to read any more books by this author
  • GAZEBO - A taste of honey on Aug. 23, 2019

    A very well written excellent short story.
  • The Pied Piper on Aug. 27, 2019

    Well written and clever retelling of a fairy tale.
  • The Lamplighter's Love on Sep. 03, 2019

    Romance is not my usual fare, I downloaded this because of the steampunk label, having said that I enjoyed this well written story.
  • The Deception Engine - Part One on Sep. 07, 2019

    This is a well written, well thought out story, well worth reading.
  • A Maid's Tail: The Making of a Catgirl Maid on Oct. 21, 2019

    A fun read. While reading it the start seemed a bit tedious, however having finished it I think the "tedious " start is ok.
  • Iron Dogs and Caesar's Ruby on Nov. 08, 2019

    A good yarn, well written. It took me a little while to get into the story but once there I enjoyed it . I found some of the scenes a little long and tedious and think making them shorter would have increased the pace of the book and improved it . It is well worth reading
  • The Seal Wife: an erotic fairy tale on Nov. 20, 2019

    A very well written and thoroughly enjoyable story.
  • Taking The Reins on Nov. 22, 2019

    Well written fun story.
  • One Night To Tango on Nov. 22, 2019

    A well written. Arousing story of a magical evening.
  • A New Year's Eve to Remember on Dec. 04, 2019

    This is a nicely written fun story.
  • After the Fire on Dec. 27, 2019

    A well written story. However it simply did not float my boat. I think the emphasis on the insurance and financial side did not interest me.
  • Gears of a Mad God: A Steampunk Lovecraft Adventure on Jan. 21, 2020

    A fun read with a likable heroine. I didn't notice any typos so either they are fixed or I was too engrossed in the story to notice them.
  • Gaia's Brood on Jan. 28, 2020

    This is a well written tale that carries the reader along and is hard to work out where it is going. I was thrown a few times by grammatical errors that a second round of proof reading would have sorted.
  • Sexy Little Cheerleaders: #1 Practice Makes Perfect on Feb. 02, 2020

    The ideas in the story are OK but the standard of writing does not entice me to read anything more by Hannah Hale
  • Built Like an Hourglass on Feb. 07, 2020

    Very elementary writing, I shall not be reading any more of Mr. Hargrove's novels.
  • Holidays in the Sun on Feb. 10, 2020

    Limey Lady might hail from Bronte Country but her writing is nowhere near as good as Charlottte's , I gave up on this about 3 /4 of the way through it.
  • The Watchmaker's Daughter on Feb. 20, 2020

    This is fun story, that is well written and carries the reader along nicely.
  • LaMisha on Feb. 20, 2020

    No real character build up, below average writing.
  • The Manse on Feb. 22, 2020

    I thought the writing rather stark, I think it needs some "feeling" in the amorous sections.
  • Warming Stories Volume Three on Feb. 25, 2020

    Once again Mrs. Debout has produced an anthology of well written very varied stories that are thoroughly enjoyable. (review of free book)
  • Junkyard (a Fractured Stars adventure) on Feb. 29, 2020

    Miss/Mrs Buroker has again produced an entertaining story. A heroine with Asperger's syndrome, an android who is a dandy and of all things a hunt for stolen maple syrup. I really enjoyed it.
  • Through His Stomach... on March 07, 2020

    An enjoyable short story, with a recipe at the end.
  • Friends on March 08, 2020

    In my view this is not a particularly well written book. I gave up with it about halfway through.
  • Skyjackers - Episode 1: A Proper Nuisance on April 01, 2020

    A well written humorous book, itnis an enjoyable story
  • The Lady in White ~ Victorian Romance and Erotica on April 04, 2020

    Nothing like Wilkie Collins novel The Woman in White but still a good read.
  • Dear Diary on April 08, 2020

    An intresting short story, with some insight into the characters.
  • Resident Fear on April 08, 2020

    At the tenth murder, about half way through the the story, this book lost its plausabilty and I stopped reading it. Up to that point I found it a complicated plot written in a confusing style.
  • The Red Kite Killings on April 08, 2020

    This is a well written story with a good plot, but written in a confusing style. Although tagged as erotica I do not think it particularly erotic. Thinking about the plot after finishing the book (Is that a sign of a good book?) there are a couple of aspects that don't fit together if these occur to you I suggest you ignore them and enjoy the story. I have a warning though, it has some rather weird gory details in places
  • The Minstrel on April 10, 2020

    This is a well written story that is hard to put down.
  • Pebbleton-On-Edge on April 24, 2020

    A very enjoyable murder mystery.
  • Star Nomad (Fallen Empire, Book 1) on May 09, 2020

    Miss/Mrs Buroker has given us another fast paced fun book that is well written. Thank you.
  • The Viatic of Thaddeus Moon on May 09, 2020

    I will second Nila Brown's comments.
  • Warrior Mage (Chains of Honor, Book 1) on June 14, 2020

    A thoroughly enjoyable story that is easy to get wrapped up in.
  • Free-Wrench on July 02, 2020

    An excellent story, I do not agree with Shelby Suderman's complaint, I see nothing wrong with dialog to describe feeling, it brings the characters to life.
  • Mud and Brass on July 03, 2020

    This is a well written interesting short story
  • The $20 Note (Contained within Follow The Money: A Tale of Tales) on Aug. 11, 2020

    Stopped reading at chapter 3 after "I I captain" not "aye aye captain" and sheik not chic.
  • Dragon Storm (Heritage of Power Book 1) on Sep. 14, 2020

    This book is fun to read and we'll written. It is fast paced and hard to put to one side and do your chores.
  • A Taste of the Zannaverse: The Episode 1s!!! (Revised and Reposted) on Sep. 27, 2020

    This does not make me want to read anything else by Zanna Reese
  • The Whore From Lahore: Short Muslim Sex Stories on Oct. 15, 2020

    Badly written unpleasant stories
  • Nimbus: A Steampunk Novel (Part One) on Nov. 13, 2020

    An enjoyable and we'll written novel. I have not anything to add to the other reviews
  • Honour Among Thieves on Dec. 19, 2020

    An interesting view of Robin Hood. Well written.
  • Guns and Guano on Dec. 28, 2020

    Well written enjoyable steampunk. A little more building of some of the minor characters would add to it nicely.
  • Suits and Sewers: Epiphany Club Book 2 on Dec. 31, 2020

    A good continuation of the story in Guns and Guano. The characters are fleshed out more and as a result we have a better story to enjoy.
  • Wounded on Jan. 10, 2021

    I had become so used to Lindsay Buroker's science fiction,fantasy and steampunk novels this one caught me by surprise. A well written story of an endearing tough ( in the nicest sense) heroine in a fast paced crime story. It's good stuff.
  • Glove on Jan. 16, 2021

    This is a well written story, it draws the main character very sensitively.
  • Waxed on Jan. 18, 2021

    The idea of the bet and waxing could have made a much more tantalizing story.
  • Naughty But Nice on Jan. 18, 2021

    An entertaining story that flows and is easy to read.
  • Double Play on Jan. 25, 2021

    An enjoyable story with some nice twists.
  • Grave Misgivings A Cate Harlow Private Investigation on Feb. 04, 2021

    This is an enjoyable story with a surprise at the end. Unlike some stories all the loose ends are tidied up.
  • Eye of Truth on May 02, 2021

    This is a thoroughly enjoyable book in true Lindsay Buroker style . It is an interesting fantasy story with a fiesty heroine , witty repartee and seasoned with love
  • Jerky on Aug. 24, 2021

    This is a well written and humorous story.
  • Coffee Shop Chronicles: Pussy at Work on Sep. 22, 2023

    Good fun would have been more fun if it had been proof read better and the reader didn't keep tripping over the typos