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  • Collected Dick Sleuth Mysteries - Tasmania's No. 1 Detective on Oct. 10, 2013

    Review on the Collected Dick Sleuth Mysteries Setting Place: Tasmania, Australia and Brazil Setting Time: Dick Sleuth Professional Life, modern times Story Format: Short Stories and Novellas The Review Have to acknowledge that I am very traditional when it comes to detective stories, very loyal to Sherlock Holmes and other very interesting detective characters such as Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and Father Brown. Never miss a good investigation by these detectives. Found intriguing when looking at the options for this author, I found this surprising Dick Sleuth (= Detective) – Tasmania’s Number One detective. As I have never been to that part of the world and never went further from my traditional detectives I did not have great expectations but only a mild curiosity. Reviews are great to reveal the feelings and reserves of readers and how these can be changed by writers, especially those who do not fear a good dose of humour, mixed with a great knowledge of the subject they present to us. Here I have to acknowledge that I was completely taken by this unattractive, unorthodox detective who never misses the opportunity to unfold a good mystery. The fact he is treated with a little bit of disdain by the author, but despite all odds surpasses difficulties and uses the trial and error approach to deal with his lack of skills or his meagre means to come to unexpected results. These results will undoubtedly lead the reader to constant enjoyment and delight is something I enjoyed immensely, and I did appreciate the sharp sense of humour in the stories that seems to be a Tasmanian characteristic.
  • Collected Science Fiction and Ghost Stories on Oct. 10, 2013

    Review on the Collected Science Fiction and Stories Setting Place: Earth, Some corners of parts of the Universe and the Human Mind Setting Time: Future Mainly Story Format: Short Stories and Novellas The Review The book is a trip to the science fiction mystery that haunts the mind and the soul of each sci-fi lover or the imagination of the readers, that like me enjoy the adventure and thrill of a good book but fear the memory of the mysterious alleys and dark rooms. I still chill out thinking of Clocks. The mixture of sci-fi and ghost scenarios disarms the mind and challenges the imagination to open the Cardboard box or the Glossy White Door (a mix of the two genres). Whether through The Broken Window, dealing with Stolen Identity or simply crossing a Street in Brooklyn the feeling is that it is impossible to foresee the end of each suspenseful story. There is no way to imagine a Christmas On Mars without the thrill in the air or the complexities you imagine in such a world. After a meeting with the Zoo Keeper or the Vampire of the Palais Theatre you will certainly think twice before touching the Door Knocker. It is difficult to pinpoint which is the best or choose the next emotional adventure in this collection. I can, however, foresee a great time if like me you choose the pages of this intriguing set of stories to enjoy in the dark hours of the night!
  • Collected Other Stories on Oct. 10, 2013

    Review on the Collected Other Stories Setting Place: Different Parts of the Earth and other worlds Setting Time: An extensive timeline Story Format: Short Stories and Novellas The Review The book covers fictional events developed in the universe of different cultures, different beings inhabiting other worlds such as the one in The Oracle of Pentos 7. The intriguing thought of native cultures portrayed by the legends of the Pacific islands such as in Dolphin Joe and The Eye of the God can be mysterious and unexpected. One can also be a witness to the ruthless Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs, as well as the passion of the author for maritime stories such as in The Nelson Touch, The Sea Captain and others. It was fine to visit memories of Ancient Greece in Lydia's Song, and still thinking about the past in The Eye of Ra, some scary moments with Night Calls or the aboriginal Gulluph Man. The adventure is open to the reader who dares to chase the fun in these pages. I must say I deeply enjoyed. It surpassed the expectations I had in opening the pages of the book, with some knowledge of the Author's way of penning his stories. The ideal size of the stories and the variety found is another aspect to enjoy and explore. The title does not do justice to this collection that is meant to entertain and scare the curious reader, as well as the searcher of new worlds in which to flirt with adventure.
  • Collected Australian Stories on Oct. 10, 2013

    Review on the Collected Australian Stories Setting Place: Australia Setting Time: Different points in time Story Format: Short Stories The Review The book covers history, values, events and the everyday lyrical universe of this huge melting pot that composes the Australian vivid patchwork culture. The impressive sense of humour and the free and intense way of dealing with reality in scenarios one may find completely foreign or entirely familiar is not a formula, but just the description filled with the most interesting characters. Just like the beauty of this wild and vast continent, the places, names and the situations of the short story collection will capture the heart and the eye of the reader. The diversity in these stories allows one to learn about so many interesting aspects that otherwise would be lost. The nice storytelling also teaches respect for one of the most ancient cultures of the world.
  • Collected Historical Stories on Oct. 10, 2013

    Review on the Collected Historical Stories Setting Place: Different Parts of the world Setting Time: Different points in time Story Format: Short Stories or maybe The Review The book covers historical fictional events and the universe of different cultures such as the pre historic tribes in Montana/USA in The Mammoth Hunters, or the Viking intrigues in the Odin Saga, both stories complete books in the collection that is not only composed of short stories but contains real value for the reader, as one pays not for some pages but for complete books with lots of content. Loved the story of Richard, the King with its twists and a time line which allows a deeper understand of historical events that are too complex when reported in a strict time line. The historical fictional character of the work allows the imagination to reach beyond history itself. The final and rich story, The Golden Man is a real treasure search, not only in the development of the story, but also in the way the reader may become involved in the many human emotions within the story. The nice storytelling is simple and clear, allowing the reader to follow his/her inner imagination in order to transport him/her to these places and be alone with the story and the characters, watching the events to unfold.
  • Collected Western Stories on Oct. 10, 2013
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    Review on the Collected Western Stories Setting Place: The Wild West Setting Time: The past in the America West Story Format: Short Stories The Review Still enjoy the memories of old Western films and the piles of books about wild west on my father’s table. It was thinking of these moments that I started reading this collection of this author I learnt to enjoy in so many other stories and genres. Another Smashwords’s treasure for all those who dig around about this particular genre whether if you are thinking about Gold Fever that even nowadays turns the minds of adventurers upside down, the possibility of exploring the beginnings of this immense Canvas that is the new continent and the challenges it presented to the explorers, the struggle of the native Americans to defend their way of life, the gains and losses portrayed by every story and adventure. A reading I would share with my old man if he were still around. I loved the reading and the opportunity to relive so many moments shared with my sweet father.
  • Eating with the Pharaohs - An Ancient Egypt Cook Book Part 1 on Oct. 10, 2013

    Review on the Eating with the Pharaohs – Ancient Egyptian Cookbook - Part I Setting Place: Ancient Egypt Setting Time: IV Dynasty Story Format: Recipes and Comments The Review This book was a surprise and a pleasant discovery. When I enjoy an author’s style I tend to check and buy most of the books produced by the writer. When checking the author’s page for more by this author, I found a cookbook of Ancient Egypt with the comments of Pentu the Scribe, the fictional character responsible for the kitchen in the Pharaoh’s household. The recipes, just give us a clue of how things could have been developed in such ancient times, the possible ingredients used in the ancient kitchen which come with the instruction of how to prepare the food for the Pharaoh and the ones in his family. The interesting and very clever idea is the selection of comments on the preferences and habits of the Pharaoh and all those who shared his meals, the way it was served and the meaning some dishes had to this mysterious and powerful character. Just like any series it is just the first book and I expect a lot more from the following books.
  • LOYAL and STEADFAST - The Story of HMS Consort on Oct. 10, 2013

    Review on Loyal and Steadfast – The Story of HMS Consort Setting Place: The Far East Setting Time: Post World War II Story Format: Personal accounts by the officers and sailors that served in the ship. Compiled and formatted into a free flowing narrative. The Review This is not fiction but real content narrated by the very men who served in the ship. It is certainly a very interesting piece of naval history that tells the point of view of the sailors, how they saw the events in which they were involved developing and affecting their lives. The purpose of the book seems to give voice to all those who devoted their lives to this intriguing career as well as to show them as the actors of such developments. It is a small piece of maritime history and a testimony to those who created this history.
  • Garden of Eden Stories and Poems on Oct. 10, 2013

    Review on the Garden of Eden - Stories and Poems Setting Place: Somewhere between Australia and Brazil Setting Time: Romance Season Story Format: Short Stories and Poems The Review Being a poet myself I enjoy the combination of poems and romantic stories that in some way are related and complement each other. It is certainly the literature of romance for those who appreciate the environment and the genre.
  • The Time Traveller on Oct. 10, 2013

    Review on The Time Traveller – A sequel to the Time Machine by HG Wells Setting Place: Different Locations Setting Time: Past and Future Main Character: H. G. Wells Summary of the story The writer finds a manuscript by H.G. Wells in which he narrates some events he witnessed during his time travelling and the changes that occur in his life due to some of these events. The Review The story continues on from The Time Machine with some very interesting catches as the author takes control of H.G. Wells journeys and explores not only a specific point in space, but allows the time traveller to move and visit other than that same place which was changed along the time line. The special visit to TROY, the interaction between the mechanical man and the Time Traveller, the idea of visiting a lover and develop a relationship in a different time setting are some of my favourite parts of the book, which has been carefully crafted in order to bring to reader the memory of the imaginative works of H. G. Wells.
  • The Pharaoh - Book 1 Giza Trilogy on Oct. 10, 2013

    Review of ´The Pharaoh – Book 1 Giza Trilogy’ - my fourth attempt to place a review on the Smashwords Books. Setting Place Egypt/ Setting Time 2603BC-2588BC Main Characters Khufu/Snefru/Menkah/Rakersh/Hemiunu/Ahmose/Henutsen/Hetepheres/Keb/Isis/Senostris/Maweshi/Meritates/Old Scribe/Pserumah/Ta-Res/Senostris and others Summary of the story This is the life story of Pharaoh Khufu which includes his life as a child in the royal city of Ineb- hedj during the reign of Pharaoh Snefru, (builder of the Bent and Red Pyramids in Dahshur). It explores the years of learning, his ascension to the throne, his main project (the construction of the Great Pyramid – the most amazing human feat, if we consider the time and the technological development of that era), the wars Pharaoh Khufu fought, his love and family life, and the life in the society of the time, highlighted by the most significant characters in the Pharaoh’s story in the 86 chapters of the book. The Review The story takes place in Ancient Egypt, in the Age of Pyramid Builders, most precisely the IV Dynasty. For the layman it brings facts and theories worked by great archaeologists, laboriously matched and linked, to compose the narrative of this great epic saga. The fictional aspect beautifully encourages the reader to imagine how the characters were born lived/worked/fought/created/shared/dressed ate/related with each other/grew old and died. The book is a real work of research and composition that will impress even the scholars and Egyptologists who will find in its pages their theories inserted and expanded in each and every chapter of the story.