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Smashwords book reviews by A G

  • Insidious on June 09, 2012

    Great stuff, I'd happily pay about $7 for it. Has all the hallmarks of good SF to me: a plausible, integrated vision of the future with several interesting insights and believable characters.
  • The Trilisk Ruins on July 01, 2012

    A great read, a bargain at the current price ($3 US).
  • Rook on July 07, 2012

    Good, but let down by intermittent typos and limited character development. And we don't need so much 'history'.
  • Shadow Unit 1 on July 29, 2012

    I agree with what almost everyone says about the series: the writing and characters are excellent (and addictive!). Content-wise, I am frequently reminded of a cross between X-Files & Criminal Minds.
  • Bob Moore: Desperate Times on Aug. 04, 2012

    More great stuff involving the gumshoe in a superhero's world. Best things about it: believable characters & dry humour. I too look forward to more.
  • Shadow Unit 2 on Aug. 04, 2012

    Another great installment of a great series. As always, the characters & writing are top-notch. A bargain for $3, but beware, they are addictive!