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  • Fryupdale on Oct. 19, 2011

    This ebook was a must read. A must read because it let's you become a part of multiple 'country folk' characters and their crazy lives. You are able to sit back and accept a "Jerry Springer" type of atmosphere, all while being a part of the cast. I did skip over a few of the short stories because some were in dialogue of conversation format and I found that to be too hard to keep up with, although I do like how all the short stories wind and weave together via characters.
  • Circus of the Dead on Oct. 20, 2011

    Nice, quick read which adequately forced the reader to think and become a part of the little 'God fearing' town. This short story reminds me a lot of the book, "Anthem" in the part where the narrator finds some books, a wealth of knowledge, in the pastor's wealthy leftover home. The irony of the wealth and holding back of knowledge by a religous figure certainly adds a twist.
  • Black Tie on Oct. 24, 2011

    Wow wow wow! This piece was a breath of fresh air. No drama, not too much suspense, and definently a psychological twist to it. This is a must-read in which every person interested in the 'meaning of life' or those such things will be thorougly satisfied. Mr. Shamloo, keep up with this interesting 'series'! You are very talented for such a young age!