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Your time is too valuable to read this biography. Victor is very ordinary. He is not descended from nobility nor from their titled hangers-on all down the line of publicly funded royal indigents.
He does not speak seven languages fluently nor does he have a socially acceptable familiarity with four more languages nor even a nodding acquaintance with any of the many tiny and obscure sound collections each spoken by 71 or fewer persons.
He has not earned a Ph.D. in any discipline although he knows some who have and has learned that the longer they hold their advanced degrees the less impressed they themselves are with their own academic accomplishment because they too sometimes forget to put out their cans on garbage day.
He does not climb mountains and considers it a ridiculous waste of taxpayers’ money to rescue the fools who do. Lost hunters are more numerous but no more deserving of public help.
Women never throw themselves at Victor’s feet nor even brush against him with romantic intentions aforethought.
No government agencies or private societies have recognized Victor’s contributions to the betterment of the human condition. His walls are not lined with declarations of gratitude from individuals or groups nor does he have photos of himself with well-known persons. He has been awarded no medals to wear on his chest and no one runs bus tours down his shady lane to view his fabled home.
You will find little to distinguish Victor from the other seven thousand million persons who are today staggering confusedly from infancy to incapacity, dreaming always of getting more they give.


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