Roden Addison


I enjoy writing a well developed story. My stories are character driven. They're filled with strong men and women striving together to carve out a place in the world for themselves. There is a solid romantic thread throughout, but the sex is graphic. Sometimes it's urgent, sometimes it's tender. I love to express tenderness in the midst of struggle and unfamiliar circumstance. To me, if there's no connection between the characters at some level, what's the point of the sex.

I'm a romantic who lives in northern British Columbia. Yes, the fishing is amazing. I'm near Stewart, a breeding grounds for golden eagles. I've had the birds fly alongside my vehicle checking me out. (No, not like that.) I've seen Bull Moose fight and watched osprey pick fish out of a lake twenty meters away.

I hope you enjoy my writings. 'The Widow' is my first published work of fiction.

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