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  • Perfect Copy on July 22, 2011

    Perfect Copy is just that. A thriller that grabs your attention from the very first page. Brina is hired to take care of a little four year boy Roman. He is a genetically engineered child from Mathew Roman. Edward is a scientist, and Russ helps control this child. Brina has had a rough life and was searching for a new life and another beginning. She uses sign language to communicate with the youngster as he can't speak yet. Roman is so very special and they don't know what he capable of. He also has a hundred plus life span. Things racket up when a Park Ranger comes to the house to tell Brina that Mathew is dead and they found his car. Running to the downstairs lab Brina tells Edward and Russ about it. Hidden secrets, man against man and Brina and the child caught in the middle. Evil resides in Edward and Mathew didn't contain any moral fibers. Russ, well you will just have to read this fantastic novel to find out. They are getting ready to move to a safer place when a Snow storm arrives and takes out the phone lines. Searching for a hiding place of the lab records they stumble upon a baby in a crate in fluid that was terminated. Brina looses it and almost throws up but Russ steadies her and things heat up quickly. While Brina and Russ are up in the attic Edward sneaks out to the garage and inside is another clone of Mathew. Edward has plans to kill him but instead settles on making a deal with this one. The real Park Ranger is lying dead outside in the snow. Suddenly Roman starts to speak and develope quickly. A Genius bred in the lab. If the secret gets out he will be hounded and sent to a government lab for his life time. Move over Dean Knootz Judith Gaines is gaining on you. A FIVE STAR READ!!