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  • Seduced in the Dark (Book 2, The Dark Duet) on Sep. 15, 2012

    CJ Roberts, what have you done to me?! SITD absolutely took my breath away...consumed me...was consumed by me...and will be INSIDE of me for a long, long time! I'm so completely blown away by this story, and it has my thoughts going in so many directions, I'm at a loss for words...and I'm not alone. My Facebook friends are right there with me. To be honest, I didn't think it could get any better than Captivated in the Dark...but I was so wrong! I only thought CITD was "dark." This book took me on a deeper journey into the darkness that is so Caleb. So much was revealed of Caleb's life, his past, his experiences, and what made him the man he became. I was so confused at the feelings coming from me. The adventure on which the author took me, from the first book through the last, was truly captivating! My heart broke for Caleb, and I found myself screaming so many times, "Nooooooo!!!!" I was hurting so badly. I was thinking to myself, where is CJ going with this?! No, it can't be!! But then, my reading hit that pivotal point, and I hated Caleb. I didn't think it possible, but I really did HATE him in those moments. I was sickened by his actions and his treatment of Livvie. He was beyond cruel. But then I came to the point ... I pitied Caleb. So much of his experiences were on repeat visually in my mind. My poor Caleb. I cried...no, I SOBBED! Can you feel the roller coaster I'm on? My stomach was literally clinching and heaving! Caleb had to survive so much...alone...throughout his tortured life. How could I not pity him ... and love him? Once again, I am feeling as though I should pack my bags, skip any visits to a therapist, and just move right into the nearest mental institution. One minute, Caleb seems human and with a heart of gold ... like he might just be capable of receiving and giving love. The next minute, he is savage! Oh! The hurt!! I loved hating Caleb, and I hated loving Caleb. Then, I just accepted loving Caleb and all of his screwed up, demented, disturbing, and sickening ways. I chose to believe he really loves Livvie; I was convinced of that in the first book, and I'm still convinced in this one. He's always wanted her, lusted for her. But, does he win her? Is he redeemable? Does he get to keep her? Will they have a happy ever after, or will they part ways for good? I'm pretty sure I have welts on my own back side from just reading this book! I really felt everything in this book! CJ Roberts has given us nothing short of brilliance. She gave me such angst, fear, a big twist...and then another big twist, and tears ... so many blessed tears! I found myself begging and saying out loud while reading, "Oh! Please, please, please, let it happen!!" I found myself doing the happy, happy, joy, joy dance at one point , only to to be vivisected the next! Yes, CJ Roberts, I too have been vivisected!! To describe this book, I would have to say that Seduced in the Dark has created its own genre. It is an exotic, psychological, erotic, romantic, BDSM thriller that will take you into the darkest of regions you didn't even know existed. I recommend that you read Captive in the Dark, first to really understand where this book is coming from; you won't be disappointed. I give this book so many more than 5 stars and recommend it to those who willing to take a thrilling ride on the dark side.
  • When You Don't Have a Choice (Windhaven Manor Series #1) on Oct. 20, 2012

    If you have not read this book, then I'm begging you....yes, begging you....to add it to your bookshelf. Then, bump it up to the top of that to-be-read shelf that accumulates so much dust. Dust if off, pick it up, and lose yourself in this alluring story! You won't regret it! Tailspin! That's exactly what I found myself in from the first sentence, not the first page, the very first sentence in this book! Wendi Cassel has delivered a brilliant tale of desire, betrayal, healing, and commitment to the pages, unlike any other I've read. There are so many times while reading this book that I found myself holding my breath one minute and squeeing with delight the next. This is not a love at first sight story, although there is an attraction or fascination at first sight. The pacing of the romance that blossoms between Andrew and Hailey is perfectly paced. But, this story isn't just about a romance between Andrew and Hailey. It is so much more! There are betrayals on so many levels. Family secrets that have been hidden for years are uncovered....so many family secrets! Torment of one family became commonplace. Yet, there is healing in so many different ways. The chapter headings alone seem to tell a story of their own, and they are so fitting. Okay, so what did this book do for me? It made me cry...and squee...and swoon...and scream OMG along with a few expletives. My heart was torn out at one point, but stitched together and put back in my body the next moment. My breath was taken away, but I was recusitated only to be transformed. Have you ever experienced that feeling that something really bad is coming, but you don't know what it is?
  • When You Know What Matters (Windhaven Manor Series #2) on Nov. 03, 2014

    My cheeks are sore from smiling so much at the ending of this beautiful love story born in the first installment of the Windhaven Manor series, When You Don't Have a Choice. I fell in love with the Grayson family and Andrew and Hailey's sweet romance in the first book. When You Know What Matters has brought this family through the fire (literally) and they came out like polished silver....shiny, new, and more stunning than ever. That's not to say that there wasn't a bumpy road or a few throughout this book because there was, but it made their love even stronger and the ending even sweeter. When You Know What Matters is a story of triumph, resilience, redemption, and a heavy theme of forgiveness. Hailey and Andrew are happy and settled after the attack that nearly took her life in the first book, but their world turns topsy-turvy when the pasts catch up to them in more ways than one. There is quite a bit of drama surrounding Hailey and Andrew that had my heart convulsing. I was afraid that my beloved couple was on a downward spiral and the unthinkable was going to happen. I couldn't read fast enough, yet I found myself not wanting to read farther from fear of what I would find. I was afraid my suspicions would be true. I fell in love with Stephen and his charming, laid back manner, maybe even more than the charismatic Andrew. I learned so much of Stephen and his life's desire in this book, along with what happened between him and the love of his life, Ann. His story has always been one that I wanted to be told, and even though the book is in Hailey's point of view and her romance with Andrew is the focal point in the story, Stephen also had his share of story line, and it was absolutely beautiful.